Hi, I have a problem with Video Download Capture. I tried to download videos from YouTube, but I cannot use the video detector. It is turned on but it isn’t doing anything. I can only download videos manually. It has been working well until last week but now it isn’t. It is a big problem for me because I have to download playlists and it is hard to work manually. I tried it on Win7 and Win8. Results were same. I use the latest version.


Thanks for your feedback. First, I want to make sure whether you have login YouTube. If yes, the videos that you are being played will be automatically with https, you need to do some settings to decrypt https traffic. Simply click on “Tools” -> “Options”, and then please check the box “Decrypt HTTPS traffic”. And then the videos you want to download will be automatically captured.

And after configuring this, if you still failed to download video automatically, please try these ways out:

  1. Please make sure the Video Detector is activated or “On”.
  2. Please make sure you are using the web browser Google Chrome, Firefox or IE.
  3. Is there any firewall on your computer? If there is, please add the Video Download Capture into whilelist.

If it still doesn’t work while trying all the ways above, you are suggested to reinstall the program and try it again.

Extra tips: according to your feedback, we just found that you download videos from YouTube playlist one by one. It is a bit tricky to get this done. The program supports downloading the whole playlist by entering the specific channel or playlist. Simply enter the URL into the address bar and click “Add to download”, the pop-up window will direct you to check part or all of them for downloading. Please note that you can carry on 20 simultaneous downloads during one session.

download in batch

Video Detector not working on some non-YouTube sites

Since we are using different browser running mode to stream video, this may lead to the failure of detecting videos automatically. Given this, you are still able to download videos automatically with Video Download Capture as long as you choose the right browser running Kernel mode:

  1. Please make sure the web browser you are using is Google Chrome.
  2. Install the User-Agent Switcher extension.
  3. Open the page and then right click on any blank space, change the User Agent to Android (for example Nexus 7).


Now, please restart the Video Download Capture, your videos being played will be auto-captured and added into the download list.

Tips for Mac: If you are using the video downloader for Mac, you do not need to change browser Kernel manually, you can switch the best browser running mode from one to another on the program.

browser mode

Note: The method introduced above can be applied to the other sites that Video Download Capture failed to detect from automatically. It may guarantee the smooth downloading to the best.

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