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AirMore Mind is an easy to use mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It can be used to brainstorm, take notes, organize ideas and knowledge, manage tasks and projects, inspire creativity and improve productivity. AirMore Mind saves all changes automatically and sync across your devices seamlessly.

New folder

Create new folder

Go to “My mindmap”, right click on a blank space to select “New folder”. After creating a new folder, you can rename, copy, move and delete it as per your need.

new folder

Create mind map

Simply click “New” to create a blank mind map or right click on a blank space to create new blank map.

new map

Use hotkeys

You can use hotkeys under “Node Operation”, “Adjust Interface” and “Edit” section. You can quickly view and learn how to use hotkeys by clicking “Question mark” icon at the bottom right.


Edit node

Add node

Three ways to add nodes:
1. Select one node first, then press “Tab” key to insert the subnode, press “Enter” to insert sibling node and hit “Shift+Tab” to add parent node.

2. Select one node and then click the icons at the top of the navigation bar to add nodes.

3. Access outline mode and hit “Enter” to add node, “Tab” to insert subnode.

Floating node

Two ways to add floating nodes:
1.Click the square shape icon on the upper toolbar to add a floating node.

2.Right-click anywhere and select “Floating node”.

Floating node

Delete nodes

Select the node and then press “Delete” hotkey to delete node. You can also right-click the node and then click “Delete” to complete operation.

Move node

Replace Node: You can drag and drop the node with your mouse.

Redivide Node: If you cover the node B with node A, the node A will be the subnode of the node B.

Move up/down Node: You can move up the node by holding down the “Alt” key and press the “Up” button on the keyboard. Or, you can drag and drop the bullets under the outline mode with your mouse.

Copy node/branch

You can press “Ctrl+C” to copy the selected node and paster it to another node. You can also select a branch and copy it to another mind map.

Relation line

To connect two nodes, please select one node and click “Relation line” at the left toolbar. After selecting the other node, there will be a relation line. You can drag the yellow bars to adjust the position and click “X” to delete.

Change theme

Pre-made themes

After creating a new blank map, there will be a theme by default. If you want to change the theme, you just need to hit the “Theme” icon on the left toolbar. And click “More” to have more choices.

Change theme

Customize style

If you are not satisfied with built-in themes, you can customize by yourself. Please access “Style” at the left toolbar, you can customize node spacing, background color, line, border, shape here.

Multi-branch color

If you want to customize the branch color in a short time, we also provide several series of branch color here.

multi branch color

Change background

We prepare several map backgrounds for you to choose from, solid color, study note, grid texture and gradient color.

Change background


Select layout

Go to a new blank map, click “Layout” in the left toolbar to change layout. You can change it to Mind Map, Logic Chart, Tree Chart, Org Chart and Fishbone according to the actual need.

Select layout

Reset layout

If your mind maps are in disorder, you can click “Reset layout” in the upper toolbar to adjust the layout within one click.


Partial formatting

Simply select one theme, then click the following buttons at the top navigation toolbar to set the font, font size, font color of a text and background color of the node. To highlight, you can change the color and add background color to the target text.



After selecting a node, you can choose to insert or remove hyperlink, image and comment. You can drag and drop to adjust the image size.


Icon/Task priorities

Please select the target node and then click “Icon” at the left toolbar. To remove the certain icon, click the icon at the display box again. Click “Remove all” to remove multiple icons with one click.

Outline mode

You can edit, export and view the whole map under outline mode.

Edit: Hit “Enter” to add a node, “Tab” to insert a subnode.

Export to word document: Click the “W” icon to export the outline to a word document.

Move up/down node: Drag and drop the bullets under the outline mode with your mouse.

Outline mode


AirMore Mind endows you with the ability to make a mind map in a team. As long as you click “Invite collaborators” at the upper toolbar, you can collaborate with others. All the comments and edits can be synchronized.

Steps to Collaborate:
1. Invite collaborators via link or email.
One way to invite collaborators is via link. Simply click “Copy link” to send the link and invitation code to your friends or colleagues. The other way to invite members is via Email. As long as you input Email and press Enter key, you can invite them successfully.

Invite collaborators
2. The collaborator input the code and apply to edit.

3. The owner permits the editing application from the collaborator.

4. When the collaborator finishes editing and leaves the editing page, the owner can fresh the page to update the changes.

Bulk operation

In the “My mindmap” page, click “MultiSelect”.
Please select the folders you want to operate in bulk, then rename, copy, move or delete the folders.
With this function, users can save great time and improve the working efficiency.


The mind maps you make can be saved automatically in the cloud. If you have a weak network connection, please don’t leave the page and manually by clicking “Save” at the upper toolbar.

History map

If you want to restore the history version of your map, you can right-click the mouse to select “History Version”.
Input the map name and then select a version to preview and restore.

Restore history map


Click “Share” at the right upper corner to share your mind maps. In the new pop-up window, you can click “Copy link” and share it to Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. You can also set a password and time period for the shared map. Additionally, you can let viewers copy your map or not.



You can click “Import Local File” to import the local AirMore Mind project and XMind Workbook.

Please click “Export” to export the mind map as image, text, and AirMore Mind project.



Please refer to the manual guide of AirMore Mind as above, if you have any questions in using the service or have any other suggestions, please contact our support center.

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