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【Windows】How to Recover damaged recordings

Last updated on February 28, 2020 by

If your recording is interrupted by a computer break-down, or the recording is stopped all of a sudden, please follow the guides below to recover the damaged recordings or the temp video files.

First of all, please enter the settings.

Then, find the default saving directory and check out whether your damaged recording is in a broken MP4 format, a broken FLV format, or in two temp files as in flv. and aac. format.
default saving folder

Simply apply the correspondent solutions according to the video format.

Broken MP4 Format

  1. Download this fixing tool and decompress the file.
  2. Click “HD.VRU.KG”.

    click hd kg

  3. Randomly enter a four-digit number and click “Generate”. Then, click “Exit”.

    enter four numbers

  4. Open “videorepiar” file and launch “gs” application.

    open gs

  5. Click “Choose movie..” to upload the video you want to recover. And click “Choose reference movie…” to upload a 3 to 4 minutes video which should be recorded under the exact same recording setttings in ApowerREC. Finally, click “Repair”.

    repair broken mp4

Broken FLV Format

  1. Download this fixing tool and decompress the file.
  2. Click “FLVToMP4”.
  3. Click “FLV Input” to import the video you want to repair, then click “Run”.

    flv to mp4

Two Temp Files in flv. and aac.

  1. Download and install video converter.
  2. Launch the program. Click “+ Add files” and upload the flv format video.

    add flv video

  3. Then, click the upward arrow to drag down the menu and choose “Add audio…” to upload the acc audio file. And click “OK”.

    add aac video

  4. Click “Convert” at the bottom right corner of program’s main interface.

    click convert

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