If you are having trouble with ApowerREC countdown issue, and don’t know what to do when the program automatically stopped the recording after three-second countdown, simply check out the left side of this page and select the error code message you are getting from ApowerREC, then, follow the solution to solve the problem is alright.

Recommended Solutions

Error Code EN00001

When you get the error code “EN00001”, it means that there’s something wrong with the selected system sound or microphone device by default, which further causes the issue that the program cannot obtain the audio statistics successfully. In this case, please kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Open the sound settings on your computer.

  2. Check out the (system sound device) and (microphone device) sections, and switch the current selected device (except for virtual audio cable) to other options. Then, restart ApowerREC program and try out the recording again.

    change sound devices

Error Code EN00002

When you get the error code “EN00002”, it means that the audio coder doesn’t function properly. To solve this problem, please go to our support center and enter the customer service from bottom right corner to get a one-to-one consultation.

Error Code EN00003

If you are seeing error code “EN00003”, it indicates that the program doesn’t support the current resolution. Therefore, let’s lower the resolution according to the following instructions:

  1. Use “Windows + i” to pull out the computer settings panel, then choose “System”.

    enter the system

  2. Enter “Display” and select a display resolution that’s lower than the current one. Then, try out the recording again.

    change resolution

Error Code EN00004

When getting the error code “EN00004”, it’s probably that your anti-virus program has accidentally put ApowerREC into the blacklist.

  1. Right click the ApowerREC desktop icon and choose “Open file location”.

    file location open

  2. Find ApowerREC exe file and right click it to find your anti-virus program settings for putting ApowerREC into the whitelist.

    find rec file

Error Code EN00005

For error code “EN00005”, it means that your computer device doesn’t support certain video formats that’s not most often used, such as MOV, VOB, etc. Therefore, enter the settings at top right corner of ApowerREC’s main interface.
apowerrec setting

Change the video format to MP4 is alright.
choose mp4 format

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