According to the feedback from users who used to download videos in F4F format, they could not play such videos properly. Then, what is F4F? And why you fail to play it? Here we will bring you some information about F4F and solve the problems while downloading F4F.

About F4F Format

Developed by Adobe, F4F file is a MP4 based flash video fragment which is mainly used for Adobe’s Media Serve in HTTP Dynamic streaming.

Why you fail to playback F4F?

According to the definition of F4F, we know that F4F is not a common video format. Nearly all the F4F files are video fragment. They are incompatible with most video players, portable devices or editing software. However, the full length F4F can be opened with any players like VLC, RealPlayer, and KM player.

How to avoid downloading F4F video files?

When you download videos with Video Download Capture, you will find the program can auto-detect the video being played and add it to download. Before downloading, you are advised to make some settings to exclude undesirable format like F4F, SWF or others, since most files in these formats are useless advertisements. Here are the quick steps:

Press “Options” icon on the software’s interface, then click “General” tab. In the bottom of the menu, see the “Recording” section. You can exclude the unwanted formats, just type F4F in the box. Click “OK”, the program won’t download F4F files any more.

How to save full length video instead of downloading F4F files?

Currently, there is no ideal way to download the full length video directly if it uses F4F. However, you can take advantage of the inbuilt screen recorder to record any Internet videos flawlessly.

Just hit “Record Screen” tab, customize the input audio source and record region and start recording. The recorded video is in WMV format, it can be played by majority of players. Also, you can use the converting format to convert WMV to MP4, AVI, MOV and more popular formats.

record f4f

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