Top 10 Websites for Free and Legal Book Downloads

The famous Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has expressed his opinion on the importance of reading in his Nobel Prize speech. Reading is a very beneficial thing, reading has a magic of enriching life, breaking the bars of time and space, allowing us to travel with the characters of books. Nowadays, with the development of technology, it is easier to access and download free pdf books online. Here are the top 10 sites to download free and legal pdf books in Spanish.

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10 best websites for free and legal book downloads


The Infolibros website is a website with the intention of offering you the best selections of pdf books on various topics. Its mission is to put at your fingertips the best free e-books, encourage reading and self-learning. On the site there are three main sections, they are BEST BOOKS TO READ, FREE BOOKS AND TEXTS, RESOURCES TO IMPROVE YOUR READING. Here you can search for resources or download pdf books to your liking.


Freeditorial is a website that offers free pdf books in free download without registration, you can access all the resources without creating an account. Apart from finding pdf books, also provide in various digital formats, such as pdf mobi epub. If you are using Kindle to read, you can send to your Kindle from the page directly. In case you don’t want to download to your machine, you can read online saving the space of your machine. When you don’t have a clear idea of reading, you can see the rankings of different areas to know what books are trending.


Español free ebooks

On the Español Free ebooks page you can discover free electronic pdf books of fiction, romance, commerce, self-help among others, download free books and enjoy reading without limits. You can search for pdf books by author, title or category. In addition, the site offers selected lists available.

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The Epublibre website is an online digital library, with the objective of sharing the most important books in the world. It has many resources, more than ten thousand digital titles that you can download safely and free of charge. On this page you can download free EPUB, pdf books, and MOBI. Before downloading, you should create a free account.

epub libre

Pdf libros

PDF Libros is a simple but powerful site. It has an instructive interface, you can search for the books you need by title or category. You can download free high quality pdf books or read online.

pdf libros


Planetalibro is a library with more than 9000 free books to download, legally. Apart from downloading free books, most of them are available in ePUB format, which can facilitate Kindle or liquid ink screen reading. You can search for pdf books by author or by subject. If you don’t want to read, you can download audiobooks, so you can listen during leisure time.



Elejandria offers many public domain pdf books, most of them are classic works. You can download free pdf books, all are also available in ePUB and Mobi format for Kindle lovers. It is a simple and powerful site without any advertisement. Highly recommended for students and teachers.



Openlibra is an online virtual library, all the books that compose this library are free and, therefore, they are yours… they belong to everyone. It has a very detailed classification, you can search for pdf books by category. It also offers several selected lists for readers. You can download free pdf books according to your need.



Manybooks is a multi-language website, with a very simple and nice interface. Apart from searching for books by title and author, you can also search by popularity and rating. Below the book, there is a brief review and basic information about the book. Apart from downloading pdf books, it also offers the option to read online.


Casa del Libro

Casa del Libro is a chain store, but it also offers free resources. You can download free books in Spanish according to your needs.

casa del libro


These are the 10 best sites to download free books in pdf. You can download and enjoy them with your computer, mobile or Kindle. With pdf digital books, you can read anywhere anytime. If you are reading with computer, I recommend you a pdf reader, it is a one-stop solution for pdf files, it has all the basic functions, also it has more advanced function like convert pdf to word, to ppt, OCR, etc. I hope you find all the information useful. If you know other websites where you can download ebooks, feel free to post them in comments.

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