Nowadays, it’s Android that takes a lot of marker share in mobile industry. Owing to various apps being developed on Android, our lives are becoming increasingly colorful. However, it’s inevitable that people may need to share things on their mobile with another one remotely or record something interesting on their mobiles. Perhaps one of the best way is to record your screen as video. Though various screen recorder apps are available on app store, it’s confusing to choose an efficient tool that suit you best. therefore this article has reviewed how to record Android screen with pros and cons.

I. Recommended solution – Apowersoft Screen Recorder

II. Rooted solution – Rec.

III. Simple solution – SCR Screen Recorder Free

Workable Solutions for Android Screen Recording

I. Recommended way – Apowersoft Screen Recorder

One available app highly recommended is Apowersoft Screen Recorder. It is capable of capturing demos, tutorials, games and any other screen activities on your Android phone.There are many options like resolution, bit-rate, frame rate which can be set by yourself. Besides recording screen, you are able to add your webcam together while sound from your phone and microphone can both be recorded synchronously. With powerful features though, this app is quite easy to use, even for a newbie. Plus, it offers an option to hide the app that you do not want to record. By the way, you do not need to get rooted for Android screen recording but it is now supported Android 5.0 and versions higher.

Pros: Not root required, supports recording mobile video and sound.

Cons: Only supports Android 5.0 and later versions.

android screen recorder review

II. Rooted method – Rec.

Authorized by administrator, Rec. is an Android screen recorder app that enables you to capture your phone screen as a video. However, this app requires you to root your device before using. With this tool, you are allowed to record video with microphone sound (not system sound) for five minutes. Before recording, you can adjust bit rate, recording duration and gesture command.You are required to pay for removing the time limit of recording. It’s really workable in making tutorial videos about apps and gameplay.

Pros: Easy to use and supports gesture command (Shake phone to stop recording).

Cons: Need to root mobile phone and only supports Android 4.4 Kitkat or later. (No root required for the version of Android Lollipop 5.0+)


III. Simple method – SCR Screen Recorder Free

SCR is another app for Android screen recording on Lollipop, it allows you to do screen recording for 3 minutes (You have to upgrade to paid version to remove this restriction). It provides a setting board for you to configure video encoder, resolution, Bitrate and image transformation. In the meanwhile, this app can record the internal sound of your device when recording the screen. However, this app requires rooting except for running on Android Lollipop 5.0.

Pros: Supports recording mobile sound.

Cons: The free version only provides 3 mins’ recording and will attach watermark to every recorded video.

SCR Screen Recorder Free


Each of these Android screen recorder can fulfill the essential needs of recording but may come different in specific aspects. Generally viewing these ways, Rec. and SCR are limited in the length of recording the screen. Therefore, Apowersoft Screen Recorder shall be the best choice for it contains not only basic recording features but also more extra functions.

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