Right now, fancy technologies are changing how we use digital stuff. A significant change is the use of text-to-speech generators. These tools are important because because they help more people access information and communicate better. AI text-to-speech generators use smart computer programs to turn written words into speech that sounds natural. They’re not only for people with visual impairments but also for making information easier for everyone to get. In this intro, we talk about why these generators matter and how they make things more inclusive, efficient, and transformative in how people interact with computers.

Practical AI Text to Speech Generators


The first tool you need to consider in converting your text to speech without experiencing any hassle is RecCloud AI Text to Speech. One good thing about this program is that it supports the most popular languages from different regions and countries. Furthermore, it allows you to select your preferred female or male voice. Besides that, this free AI text-to-speech generator will enable you to turn text for up to 35,000 characters. Also, this allows you to instantly upload a .txt file on its website and turn it into speech.

AI text to speech generator


ElevenLabs will be the second program we will introduce in this article. This is a simple yet beneficial online tool that you can rely on to easily transform lengthy text into speech. With the help of its AI technology, this online tool supports almost 29 languages and all diverse accents. Meanwhile, this enables users to create lifelike voices that they can use in creating engaging videos. With that, the unique features of this free online text-to-speech generator will surely help you improve your content, even for first-time users.

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PlayHT is an online tool that can generate voices throughout long texts and scripts. Notably, its VoiceAI lets you convert text into natural-sounding humane voice performances across various languages and intonations. Aside from turning your text into speech, this also offers other features which can be used for various purposes. One distinctive feature this is its Create Custom AI Voices. This feature allows you to mimic the voices of popular personalities like Elon Musk, Dwayne Johnson, Barrack Obama, and many more.

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Typecast is one of the best free AI text-to-speech generator these days that you can use to turn your script into audio files. With this program, you have the freedom to select different AI voices of various actors and avatars. Wherein you can choose from a wide range of collections of 400+ AI voices that facilitate seamless content creation. However, one of the downsides of this program is that you need to subscribe to its Pro version to use all of its features and AI voices.

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Accessible on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, NaturalReader is another web-based program. This program gives you full control in easily converting your text into speech. The controls of this AI text-to-speech generator include speed, pronunciation, volume, and many more. What’s more, you can set hotkeys to improve work efficiency while using this tool. Lastly, this can also upload documents such as PDFs, TXTs, images, and webpages and turn them into speech immediately.

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Lovo.ai is a popular tool that uses text or scripts to make computer voices sound like humans. This straightforward program is perfect for the entertainment, banking, education, gaming, documentary, and news industries. Not to mention, this free AI text-to-speech generator features a new tool called Genny, which generates realistic voices and facilitates simultaneous video editing. With this feature, it also provides extensive collections of voices and emotions from different languages that you can choose from.

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Next up, there’s Media.io. It’s an online platform that lets you turn written text into audio using natural voices. This tool uses AI technology to quickly and efficiently change long pieces of text into audio. Additionally, it offers different characters with various tones and pronunciations, and you can adjust the speed and pitch to your liking. However, this best free AI text to speech generator has a restriction: it can only convert text to audio for up to 1500 characters.

best free AI text to speech generator

Murf AI

Murf AI is a versatile voice generator that offers authentic voices in different languages and accents, producing high-quality audio that sounds like humans talking. Users can customize voices by changing pitch, speed, and tone. This platform works for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, virtual assistants, and chatbots. It’s easy to use online, making recording and downloading voices simple. Not to mention, this is known for making it easy to create videos and presentations with voiceovers and background music.

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Listnr is a free online text to speech generator that turns text into spoken words using its AI technology. Furthermore, it offers different choices for how the voice sounds, like picking a style or adding breaks. With this, you can also put the audio on your blog using a player that comes with it. Listnr works with over 75 languages, letting you change your blog posts into different languages. And if you have the right to use it commercially, and you can distribute and modify the audio on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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Descript is a multi-purpose tool with a feature for turning text into speech, which helps make creating content easier. Rather than solely converting text to speech, Descript offers an additional feature to transcribe audio files into text you can edit. Moreover, this is special because it automatically adjusts the original audio file when you revise the text. This means you can edit audio like a document, removing unnecessary words, fixing mistakes, and correcting other errors without recording everything again.

free AI text to speech generator


To sum it up, these are the leading programs you can rely on to easily turn long text and scripts into a speech. Not to mention, each of these programs has its advantages in converting your text file to a computer voices sound like humans. Among these tools listed in this blog, we highly recommend RecCloud as the best free AI text-to-speech generator.

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