Best Solution to Download YouTube Music to iTunes

As it’s known to all, YouTube is the world’s famous video website where you can easily find millions of music videos, movies, TV shows and many other videos. Thus it’s of great joy that you can freely enjoy them online.

However, comparing with streaming YouTube music online, it is always best to have your songs downloaded to iTunes rather than enjoy them online! iTunes is your organizer and media content library where you can find everything in order. It keeps your favorite music and movies all in one place. There is no hassle as you can easily and immediately enjoy your collection of songs in iTunes. Better yet, it’s also convenient for you to transfer these songs to iPhone, iPad etc. Since it’s convenient to enjoy YouTube music on iTunes, you can follow the three ways below to download music from YouTube to iTunes.

YouTube Music to mp3

Online way to Extract music from YouTube to iTunes on Windows/Mac

Mp3 Grabber is a fantastic free online tool to grab mp3 from online videos and other music sites. The application makes you to snatch mp3 files from your favorite online video sites such as YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, MTV, and Yahoo and many others. In addition to downloading music from online websites, it also allows you to convert local files to mp3.

youtube music to itunes downloader

Mp3 Grabber can help you to download music from YouTube to iTunes easily. Just go to and paste your favorite video URL in the download box. Click “Grab it” and then you can customize its audio settings likes the format, bitrate, channels and others. Once these settings are done, you can start to download it.

Transfer YouTube music to iTunes directly on Windows

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is a multi-task application that you can use to record streaming audio from radio stations. This tool allows you to easily convert audio into various common formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and others. Besides, it enables you to edit audio files or transfer them to CDs.

(This product is also available for Mac users, just click here to check details.)

download youtube music to itunes

The following are the easy steps to download YouTube music to iTunes:

Download youtube music to itunes recorder

Download YouTube music to iTunes Easily on Mac

If you are looking for another easy way to record any sound you want to listen on Mac, then Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is just for you. The application is so easy that you can just do one click to capture sound, audio or music of your choice. It’s also easy to record YouTube music to mp3/m4a format.

download youtube music to itunes

The steps on transferring YouTube music to iTunes with this recorder are similar to Streaming Audio Recorder’s. The only difference is that you need to add the recordings to iTunes manually. So by using this mac audio recorder, you just need to open iTunes and click “Add File to Library” after  you have recorded YouTube music. Then you can enjoy YouTube music in iTunes.

Downloading music from YouTube to iTunes using MP3 Grabber is convenient and there is no need to install any applications and plug-ins. However, it can be greatly affected by the unstable internet connection. On the other hand, using desktop audio recorder makes downloading more conveniently. And it’s equipped with more functions. Aside from recording audio, it also enables you to edit audio track information and set schedule tasks.

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