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Streaming Audio Recorder

Your perfect music companion for recording audio from any possible resources played on your computer or microphone. Audio recorded in lossless quality can be saved into MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA and more for using in various occasions.

It also provides an eminent search engine for checking and downloading your favorite songs from the web. Explore concrete and premium features as below.

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Record Any Sound on Computer

Any sound played on your computer can be recorded and saved with this program. All you have to do is stream your favorite music and record streaming music from a site like Spotify, Jango,, or YouTube while Streaming Audio Recorder is open, and then it will be saved to your library forever. If you prefer, you may also record your voice along with a background music. It gives you "what you hear is what you get". Upon creating audio files, you can turn them into desired formats for listening on-the-go, sharing with others on web, uploading to music site and more.

  • Output formats
  • Input formats
  • Devices
most popular portable audio file format
default audio format for Windows system and devices
most popular portable audio file format
audio format used by iTunes, iOS device, etc
There're even more output formats available in the program
Sound on computer
It includes audio streamed on browser, background music of a video, conversation of live chat, local audio files, etc
Voice from Microphone
It includes any sound goes through your mic
iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV
Samsung series, HTC, LG, Motorola and more

Identify ID3 Tags to Label Your Music Files

The built-in ID3 tags identifier can help you automatically recognize music file information like title, artist, album, year, genre and even cover. This is good for you to locate and find your desired music in short time, especially for music collectors. Furthermore, it supports batch identify ID3 tags, which saves you the trouble of editing ID3 tags one by one. Of course, you can also manually edit ID3 tags according to your preferences.

Only Girl
Call Me Maybe
Carly Rae
Rolling In Deep

Convert Audio File Formats Quickly and Easily

Using the built-in audio converter, you can convert audio among the formats of MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC and others quickly and easily. The program proceeds audio files in the manner of batch conversion and can get your desired audio format within minutes. And if your find the background music of a video stream appealing, you can download the music by providing the URL without having to record it. Moreover, the software also lets you merge several audio clips into an individual file.


Conduct Various Tasks without Effort

Aiming at achieving the best audio recording experience, there're more functions along with Apowersoft Audio Recorder.


Enjoy Music Radio Offline

In addition to recording live streaming audio, Streaming Audio Recorder offers you many different genres of radio stations to listen to. Simply hit the red record button and stream the radio, you will then get the song in origin quality within just a few minutes.

Add Songs to iTunes

This tool can sync the recorded and downloaded audio to your iTunes within the smart settings. You can enjoy songs on your iOS gadgets right after getting them.

Edit Audio Files

No need to be a veteran, you can trim, merge or configure your music files using this intuitive editor. This feature gives a lot convenience for making personal voice recordings.

Burn CDs Your Way

Want to burn music to a CD? The software makes this process simple and trouble free, allowing you to transfer all audio files to a CD.


Simplest Interface

  • main screenshot
  • select videos
  • trim video
  • convert video
  • play video
  • download video

    Why Choose Streaming Audio Recorder

    Rating: 4.6 - based on 323 ratings. 11 REVIEWS
    • Cindy, UK

      Thanks, this is the best audio recorder I have ever used. Because of my job, I often need to record online radio onto my PC, and Streaming Audio Recorder helps me do this effortlessly. I give it my support, as always.

      Justin, USA

      Wow, I have never thought I would come across such a good way to record streaming audio. And it also provides me with extra functions like the Audio Converter, Editor and Music Downloader. In a word, it's excellent. Thumb up.

    • Ariston, Canada

      Within 30 seconds I realized this was the exact audio stream recorder for me. Perfectly simple to use so far, 100% successful. A great product!

      Angela, UK

      It is so nice to meet your product. I really like what you have done so convenient for me. I want to say this app is so amazing and excellent!

    • Ray, France

      One-stop way to record, organize and transfer music. With this program, it is so easy to get my favorite songs to play on my iPhone.

      Alex, USA

      I often use this program for Skype conversation recording, it is very simple to operate and the sounds are recorded in high quality. I'm very satisfied with your software!

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