How to convert spotify to mp3 without any hassle

Convert spotifySpotify is a music streaming site that lets you listen to various music from different artists on your computer, as well as on your tablet or mobile device. You can also create playlists so you don’t have to always search for your favorite songs. It is also possible to add other users’ playlists on your collection. Playlists can also be saved offline so you can play them even when not connected to the Internet, though you still need to use Spotify for this. Music can be synced to your tablet or mobile device, so you can also listen to them while on the go.

However, even when you save your playlist offline, it is not possible to convert the songs into other formats so you can play them on other devices or media player without using Spotify. This is because they are encrypted, making it impossible for audio converters to detect them. While there is no option on the application to directly convert spotify to mp3, there are third party tools that you can use to record Spotify sounds as your desired format. MP3 is the best format to use since this is compatible with various platforms and it decreases the size of the file without sacrificing its quality.

Converting spotify to mp3 with awesome ways


Audacity is an open source sound recording and editing application that you can use on various platforms including Widows, Mac and Linux. While you can use this to record any sound on your computer or from an outside source, it is a little complicated to use. Furthermore, it has several settings and the interface is not that user friendly. There are various steps that you need to do before you can start recording, which can be inconvenient, especially for those that are not tech savvy.

Record with audacity

If you find it inconvenient to use Audacity, there are other spotify to mp3 converter that you can use including Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder and Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

This is an online application that you can use for converting spotify music to mp3. It is more convenient since it is straightforward and it does not require any installation. Plus, it is available for free so you don’t have to spend anything for your conversions.


Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

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This is another application that you can use for converting Spotify music to mp3. This one requires installation and can be used on Windows and Mac. You may take advantage of the free trial before purchasing the full version. Aside from recording any sound from the computer and converting to various audio formats, it also allows downloading of music from video sharing sites like YouTube, editing songs, adding music to iTunes and accessing radio stations online. Burning Spotify music to CD is no exception.

Being compared with the above tools, Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder has distinct advantages. For instance, users can rip spotify to mp3 even on your Mac OS X Mountain Lion. You won’t rack your brain to look for professional mac streaming audio recorder. And, this tool is much more stable for using.

After you convert spotify to mp3, do not use the downloaded and converted music for other purposes aside from personal use. You may also purchase music from iTunes to respect the original music copyright and songs’ writer.

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