How to Record PC Gameplay

Videos games have evolved at an alarming rate from the early SNES to Playstation, Xbox and Wii. Video games used to be the most favorite way of entertainment, but they’re getting less popular now. The reason is because of the pervasive PCs and laptops in the world. With this tendency, a large amount of video games have been released for PC and Internet increasingly. The diversity of PC games can make anyone find out their favorite one while the traditional games just cannot compare.

Within the environment that more and more people would like to spend their time in PC games, players also need to record PC gameplay. In so doing, they are able to capture a specific scenario in their games to preserve, or share to their friends as an achievement. Some players record their actual gameplay to result in a visual tutorial for helping others to pass a specific stage in a game. On YouTube and other video platforms, we usually see this type of videos when surfing online. Gameplay is also the glory record of a player and helps to build up his / her self-esteem in the game’s world. That’s why recording gameplay is essential to many people.

Ways to Capture Your Gameplays

There are different ways to record gameplay on pc,you could either use an online application or computer software to achieve it. However, not all of the game recorder tools meet everyone’s expectation, some of them are just fraud and may mess you up. So for perfect gameplay recorder, here are the two ways to record computer games.

Method 1: Apowersoft free online screen recorder

This one an excellent recording application that is pervasively used for recording the gameplay. It works as saving the full motion of anything on your screen and proves to be better than similar online tools. Here are the strengths that make this application an outstanding one.


  • Free to use.
  • Web based application which does not need to install and therefore saves your disk space.
  • Provides crisp videos with smaller file size.
  • Allows users to adjust audio input, which is a must-have option for those who makes video tutorials or commentaries for games.
  • Supports all systems including Win and Mac.
  • No limitation for the length of video recorded this way.
  • No watermark or annoying advertisements.

After you have recorded the game, then it’s time to touch up your videos with effects, transitions, callouts and more. In this case all you need is a powerful video editing program that will help you to create an amazing video. This program is no other than Apowersoft Video Editor. This fantastic gadget has equipped with multiple unique effects as well as reliable editing options which are perfect for video customization. Visit and learn more about this cool video editor.

video editor

There can be different ways on how to record your favorite gameplay. But the most sophisticated one should be the one here. It helps you to get the smoothest and clearest videos that you can have.

Method 2: Fraps

This is also a popular way of capturing any gameplay moments on the computer. Fraps is a video capture program that works upon installing it to your computer. It can basically record video games that the users want to keep. To learn more about this program here is its PRONS and CONS.



  • It is compatible with most Windows OS.
  • It provides quality video recording.


  • 30 seconds trial version – Need to buy full version to record clips more than this length, too bad.
  • Doesn’t compress output – It may result in huge file size.
  • Large occupation of memory – I may take up much system resources and slow down your system.
  • Cannot make video and audio record at synchronously – This is quite inconvenient for gameplay.
  • Attaches watermark to videos – The trial version gives a nasty watermark to every video.
  • No support for Mac system.
  • Full version is extremely expensive.
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  • Greet tools to record PC games! I can use Apowersoft Screen Recorder to record minecraft. Thanks a lot.
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