How to download music from grooveshark

At the mention of Grooveshark, your first thought is that you can search for and stream tons of songs. This popular online music website also allows users to enjoy radio programs and create music playlists.

However, one drawback is that Grooveshark does not have built-in features to download music directly. That being said, you can just listen to music online but cannot download music from Grooveshark to your iPod or mp3 player for later listening on the move. In order to get around the problem, what are you gonna do?

Hacks to download music from Grooveshark

Are you at your wit’s end thinking of a solution? If this is so, do not be anxious, you need follow the approaches here and find out the best program for use.

Windows sound recorder

Normally, the windows computer is equipped with the recording system. You are able to find Sound Recorder according to the procedures: Click Start menu – All Programs Accessories. On Recording Control, the microphone is selected by default.

Record music on pc

This sound recording program is completely free, but has single functions. It can just record audio from microphone, which results in the inferior sound quality. Worse still, it is a bit hard to control recordings at your conveniences.

Streaming Music Recorder

That is right, Streaming Music Recorder is what you need to download Grooveshark music. This Grooveshark music downloader has capacity for recording, editing and burning music.

Download icon

Guides to download Grooveshark songs

After downloading Streaming Music Recorder, just enable the application. You will see its main functions displayed in the interface. Generally, you record music from system sound card to get better sound effect. You can also set Microphone as input audio source.

1. Before you download music from Grooveshark, click Settings to determine where you want to save your music recordings and what output format is. You may save music as mp3, wma, ogg, aac, wav etc.

Control video recording

2. Open Grooveshark webpage, you are suggested to search for songs yourself or directly look into Grooveshark recommendations. Now just play music and start recording by clicking On button.

Tips: Grooveshark is a great online music radio station, but provided that you hope to listen to more radio stations, you don not have to check around for Streaming Music Recorder provides its ability to tune in thousands of radio stations.

Record online radio

Apart from this, you can also download Grooveshark songs to your iPod. Edit music to gain desired effects or convert them into right formats for your gadgets. Last not the least, it is possible to burn Grooveshark music to a CD directly on the software in order to treasure it forever.

That is enough about the two methods introduced. Finally, it remains to be stated that these music recordings are only suited to personal use. If you download music off Grooveshark with Streaming Music Recorder, please do not spread them in any illegal form. Just purchase the original and legal copy to support your favorite album and artists if you do like.

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