How to play WLMP file

convert WLMP to MP4WLMP is a file type that’s associated with Microsoft’s “Movie Maker.” It’s not a video file but a project file used to make videos in Windows Live Movie Maker.

WLMP files are not valid video files that’s why you can’t play these files with your regular media players. If you’d like to play a WLMP file in QuickTime, VLC, iMovie, iPhone or iPod you’ll have to convert WLMP to MP4. Through this you can play and share WLMP files in most media players.

Check out the following solutions to find out how to convert and play WLMP file easily.

Part I: Save WLMP project as a video

This method is applicable for Windows 7/Vista users only. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – First, you’ll import your WLMP file into Windows Live Movie Maker.

Step 2 – Select File > Save Movie. You can then choose to save it as WMV.

Tips: You can save WLMP project file as MP4 directly if you are using Windows Live Movie Maker 2012.

Part II: Get a WLMP converter to convert WLMP to MP4 format

If you save your WLMP file as WMV format with Windows Live Movie Maker, you need to get a video converter to convert your saved WLMP file to MP4 format. In the second part, we offer three video converters for your choice.

Solution 1: Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

The easiest solution is to use a WLMP to MP4 converter online. Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is a free application that speedily converts videos to various audio and video formats compatible with VCD, DVD, PSP, iPad or iPhone.

Free online video converter UI

The best features of this converter are the high quality output, comprehensive settings, fast conversion process and easy-to-understand interface. More importantly, there’s no limit to the number and size of videos you can convert. It’s completely free so you don’t have to worry about spending money just to convert your files.

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is a web-based solution so there’s no need to download software. It also doesn’t require any registration process.

To convert WLMP to MP4 online, go to the application’s website and follow these steps:

Step 1 – Load your WLMP video file from the local disk.

Step 2 – Set your preferred format, resolution, bitrate, frame rate and channels.

Step 3 – Click Convert.

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, just visit the website and use the simple yet efficient online converter whenever you need to convert some files.

Solution 2: ConverterLite WLMP Converter

ConverterLite is a simple software designed to convert WLMP files to MP4. Its functions encompass creating, converting and compressing audio and movie files. It also supports batch conversion. However, the software only works on Windows computers and not on Macs. The procedure as follows:

Step 1 – Drag and drop your WLMP file to upload.

Step 2 – Choose the output format.

Step 3 – Click convert.

Solution 3: Apowersoft video converter studio

It is an excellent software specially designed to edit and convert videos in a wide selection of formats. Its key features include the following:

All in all, this is your one-stop solution for your audio and video conversion needs. Upon downloading the software, you can immediately convert WLMP file to MP4 by following these easy steps:

Step 1 – Click Add to upload your file.

Step 2 – Customize your video and output settings through the Video Edit and Subtitles Edit functions.

Step 3 – Click Convert.

vob to mp4

Web-based vs Software Applications

These tools are great solutions for your conversion needs. Ideally, the best provider of audio and video conversion tools is Apowersoft considering that it offers both web-based and software applications.

If you need a speedy, efficient and quickly accessible tool to free convert WLMP to MP4, Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you’re actually searching for a full-featured, comprehensive WLMP to MP4 converter, Apowersoft Video Converter Studio is the best software that you can use.

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