The tutorial of how to convert flash SWF to MP4

convert SWF to MP4

The SWF file format is known as a freely scriptable visual format that is used to create animation on the World Wide Web. It originates from FutureWave Software which eventually been passed to Macromedia, and as of the moment this format is now under the control of Adobe.

In spite of its popularity in exhibiting animated vector graphics on the internet, this type of format cannot be easily played with any media player. In fact you must have installed a Macromedia Flash in your computer system before having access to the SWF file. Furthermore, if you are going to use it on a website, you might just need to have an additional plug-in which can be expensive.

With the incompatibility issues that SWF format can bring, a lot of people now want to have a solution on how to easily convert flash SWF to MP4. For converting SWF to another file format can make it more accessible by using any media player available without the need of any added ware or plug-in.

In this case, here are the best solutions that you can utilize to free convert SWF to MP4 in no time.

Two best ways to convert SWF to MP4 online for free

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

If we are talking about the best way to convert SWF to MP4 online, then the first application that is perfectly fitted for this is the Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. This wonderful online based application is very easy to use and was designed to meet all of the conversion needs that the users have. By using this program you are instantly entitled with an unlimited conversion regardless of the file size and the number of conversion. Moreover, this program can handle multiple known formats that we have nowadays such as AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA, MOV, SWF, and many more. Unlike other converter, this tool works in an unbeatable speed that is rarely seen in any converter, plus it produces a top quality outputs just the same quality as the original one. You better use it now to experience its power yourself.

Free Video Converter to convert SWF to MP4

Flabaco Beta SWF to Video Converter

Another online SWF to MP4 converter that we can use is none other than the Flabaco Beta SWF to Video Converter. This is a web based converter that is compatible with any internet browser that you have. Overall it is a good application to have. However, its service is only limited to SWF file conversion. There are also some concerns about this program that includes a very slow conversion speed, it only support uploading and converting short videos, and there are times where it does not respond. As a user you also don’t have the option to modify your audio and video output that you want for your video file which considers being a major flaw.

Flabaco SWF to video converter

An Outstanding Shareware to convert flash SWF to MP4

In an event that you need a more sophisticated shareware to convert SWF file to MP4, then it’s time for you to use the Apowersoft Video Converter Studio. This magnificent program has multiple functions under its arsenal and you can get instant access to it as soon as you decided to make use of it. Some of these features include the ability to convert any type of file formats like SWF file, the capability to edit video (trim, split, merge, crop, rotate, enhance video effect, add subtitle and watermark), an option to record anything displayed on the screen, and the tool to make fantastic music video, and most of all it is very easy to use and it provides the best quality output.

convert SWF to MP4

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The SWF file is a great format to use, but due to some limitations this type of file are being converted into another type of format to get rid of the limitations that it has. On the other hand, in converting a SWF file, it is advisable to use a reliable converter that will give you will various options to improve your video output and will allow you to convert in different kinds of file formats.

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  • it only converts to mp3 and not mp4 for some reason, if it can convert to mp4 I cant find any option to do so
    • Hi Joanne, Which software did you refer?Apowersoft free online video converter and video converter studio can both convert to MP4.See the picture below.convert to mp4
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