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We all know that the main default format for all videos is the AVI format. This is the most commonly used format saved within many camcorders, cellular phones, and other digital recording devices. Once the video is captured, it is then stored on the digital device to be viewed as often as a consumer seems fit. Why then, is this particular format not compatible with the DVD recorder on any average MAC? Or, why is it unable to be sent, or viewed when sent, to other people’s mobile phones? These questions may never be answered.

The fact is, when it comes to the convenience of a portable recorder, it may be convenient to carry around and use. It’s even convenient to transfer files to the MAC. However, once the files are on the MAC, they must be converted in order to remove from the MAC.

You may want to put together a nice family vacation video for your parents, or a nice little honeymoon, or college keepsake. In order to do this, that AVI format must be corrected. AVI must be converted to a compatible format, such as MP4, for the DVD disc that will be playing in your DVD player, or on your parents’ desktop computer. AVI must also be converted to MP4 in order to email video to that family member or friend who may not live nearby.

convert avi to mp4 for free on mac

In the pursuit to finding the perfect program to convert your AVI to MP4 on MAC for free you will find many free and not so free options. The two choices listed below, for your AVI to MP4 conversion, are Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter and Video Converter Pro. These were the top two options found for this task as examples via immediate FREE access and application download access.

Method 1: Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac for free by using Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

With Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter, the process took less than five minutes and gives immediate access to the chosen video. There are three simple steps to convert AVI to MP4 on MAC for when using this online program. It does not require any registration, downloading, or payments, and is as simple as clicking ‘Enter’ on your keypad to watch the conversion process from beginning to end.

Go to the free program page to gain immediate access to free AVI to MP4 on MAC conversion material.

Or you can enjoy the demo video below to learn this AVI to MP4 converter for mac free.

A good suggestion when using this page would be to ‘Bookmark’ it on your browser. This way, you won’t even have to try and remember the name. It will be at your immediate disposal.

Method 2: Convert AVI to MP4 for Mac with Video Converter Pro

With Video Converter for Mac, the process to convert AVI to MP4 for MAC only took about five minutes. This may have been due to the fact that this program actually had to be downloaded, first. The conversion process itself, of course, took less than five minutes.

Now, Video Converter for Mac is a program that must be paid for in order to convert AVI to MP4 on MAC. However, they do offer the option of a free trial for interested customers. The cost of this program is $39.95. Keep in mind, though, you still have the unlimited option to free convert AVI to MP4 on MAC OS, during the entire free trial period.

Follow the link below to begin the download process and free trial for converting AVI to MP4 on MAC.


There are a number of other companies offering free AVI to MP4 on MAC conversions. A couple of these companies include Leawo, and Aimersoft. Unlike Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter, both of these programs require software to be downloaded to your MAC. Also, Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter uses one program for both PC and MAC, whereas all of these companies require two different downloads for the systems, separately. In this case, if for any reason you have trouble with your AVI to MP4 free conversion on your MAC, you can always write down the exact same website and convert ANY format, with no problems, on your PC, as well. In addition, like Video Converter Pro, Leawo requires a purchase in order to keep it beyond their free trial period, which is $39.95.

Basically, to convert AVI to MP4 on MAC for free, your best option would be the convenient, completely free all day everyday Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. Or, for a more professionally fast system, the Video Converter Pro would be a wonderful choice, as well.

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