How to download audio from Tumblr?

download audio from tumblrTumblr is a blogging platform that hits the Internet 6 years ago and so far making its mark as a trusted blogging site and a social networking site as well. The netizens love using this site, since they can write blogs, post pictures, videos, and music as well. Every Tumblr user has their own account where they can post in any way that they want. The most commonly posted on this site include favorite music playlist.

If I’m a Beatles fan, all I need to do is to search for a posted playlist of the Beatles and I can play all of their hits without searching them one by one. However, you can’t play those songs if you are offline. This is the reason why users want to download Tumblr audio files so that they can play it anytime anywhere without the need of an internet connection. So the rest of this article will focus more on ways on how to grab those audios from the different Tumblr post.

The Best Way to Download audio from Tumblr

Downloading audio from a blogging platform is not that easy, although there are some tools that said they can, most of them are hoaxes. I have tried numerous programs and tools but only three of them actually works. Using these programs you can easily rip all audio that you want from Tumblr. So here are three ways to download audio from Tumblr.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Ripping different audio using the most outstanding audio ripping tool which is Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. It immediately works perfectly the same time I tried it. It is easy to use and the most convenient way to download Tumblr audio online. All you need to do is to choose Online Audio Recorder from Apowersoft and press the Start Recording button. Wait for the program to boot and you’re ready to record. Just open play the audio that you want to grab from Tumblr and hit Record button, and press Stop when you are done.

Google Chrome Addon – TumTaster

If you are fond of browser extension then TumTaster Extension is the one for you. This Tumblr audio downloader works hand in hand with Chrome browser, and you are only required to add it to your browser extensions, and then it is ready to work. Play any music post from Tumblr and a Click to download button will show. You must now do the right click on this button and select Save As.


Streaming Audio Recorder

Download icon

And the last Tumblr audio downloader for you to use is the Streaming Audio Recorder. Unlike other programs, this ripper is 100% virus and malware free. Making it safe for you to download anytime you want. Grabbing those audios from Tumblr is not a problem at all because all you need to do is to install this program and you are ready to rip. Once you have installed it, the next thing that you must do is to play the audio that you want from Tumblr and hit Record button to start the process.

record tumblr audio

Ripping audio online is being popular nowadays that is why there are a bunch of programs that are out on the market that simply grab audio from site like Tumblr. However, just be certain about the audio recorder that you will going to use, due to the fact that there are only a few that do the job perfectly and neatly.

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