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It’s Time to Play PS3

Video gaming is one of the favorite pastime that we use to do for more than a decade. And if we talk about game consoles, PlayStation is one of the top brand that comes to our mind. This pioneer video game console was established as early as 1994 by Sony Entertainment, since then new models are released for public use. One of its popular models is the Sony PlayStation 3 most commonly known for its abbreviated term PS3. Gamers around the world love this game device not only for its gaming purposes, but also with the other features that it has. One of which is its capability to play video clips. This is like having a purpose of 2 devices in one which is great. However, the PS3 has limited compatibility as to the video format that it reads, and video file such as MKV is not accepted at all. With this issue, many users are now in search of the best way to convert their video files so that they can transfer and play it on their PS3 console.

Best Ways to Convert MKV files to PS3 MP4

Video format conversion is very necessary for the sake of having a compatible video file that can be played on PS3. And for us to get a perfect PS3 file format all we need is a powerful cluster of video converter made perfectly for conversion purposes. So without further ado, I will now show you the two top free ways to convert MKV to PS3 compatible format.

Solution 1: Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is an outstanding free online based application to convert your video among all popular video formats. This program specializes in video conversion, perfect for those who want to convert MKV files for PS3, and other various format as an output. Moreover, this program has more exciting features along with its awesome converter which includes a friendly user interface ideal for first timers, a super fast conversion rate, a high quality output that can be set according to your preference, no registration and installation needed, compatible with all OS including Windows and Mac, and all of these services are unlimited.

Free online video converter UI

Solution 2: Videora Converter

As a free video converter, videora converter converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD’s with no costs. so you can enjoy them on your digital devices. It is also one of the top choices as an MKV to PS3 converter. This application performs well as a video converter, but there are some issues that may concern some users. The first thing is that it only runs under a Windows OS, which is not good for other OS users. Second, is the need to download the program and install it before you can start using it which may take some of your precious time. And lastly, its video conversion rate is quite slow compared to the first converter that we discuss.

A Perfect Shareware Converter Just For You

In an event that you are not satisfied with the free converters that we discussed above, then you can opt to use this wonderful shareware popularly known as the Apowersoft MKV Converter Studio.


This application can easily convert any video clip to a specific video file format that you want in a wink of an eye. And if you are a PS3 user this is the perfect program for you to have to play MKV on PS3 without having any file error. You can also use it as a MKV to Android converter to convert your MKV file for your Android device. Furthermore, there are still some more features that can be utilized upon using this Apowersoft MKV Converter Studio. Some of its attractive features include the ability to perform batch conversion, merging several videos into one, add subtitles, and it supports editing cropping and trimming of video files. Try it yourself to experience how fantastic this shareware is.

MKV to PS3 converter


After using different video converters to convert a well fitted PS3 format, I therefore conclude that not all videos that are processed using a video converter works. Some of which shows some error or corrupt message notification, while others cannot be found at all. To avoid all of these troubles I recommend using the video converters that I mentioned above.

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