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On a sunny afternoon, with a cup of coffee, you may want to make a video to upload to YouTube, sharing your cherished lifestyle; or, all of sudden, you may be appointed to create a video to demonstrate your company products. You may even be terribly defeated by creating a training material to make others understand you much better, and many other examples.

Under these circumstances, you make frantic attempts to search for the best recording tool from the Internet; unfortunately, you are overwhelmed with various of similar software packages available for screen recordings.

After consulting much related material, there is no doubt that Camtasia is the premier one, which allows you not only to record your screen but also to edit your newly created video with advanced editing techniques, and save it in multiple formats. However, there are lots of software like camtasia can achieve this goal. Which one is the best one suitable for you? And which software you should pick up? Confused, you are stuck on the fence.


As a matter of fact, Camtasia is a competitive recording software for creating professional video tutorials, promotions or demo videos. Its editing tools are complicated, focused on high-level videos, and unnecessary for everyday use.

With a price of $299 and complicated features, maybe you will frown and mull it over. Is there a better solution?

Best Alternative to Camtasia

Suddenly, you discover a great free alternative to camtasia, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. Eventually, you will find it is just the pearl you are looking for.

With this free online screen recorder, you can record a video from your desktop screen of any size and simultaneously capture the audio narration from a microphone and webcam video. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder provides bountiful features with users without any limits. Users can select one audio input to record like recording the system sound, microphone, both of them or none. Therefore, you can record video without sound and add your voice later. While recording, users can add webcam videos and make an edition any time. If you need any other formats to your portable device, you can convert the recording into thousands of popular formats it lists online.

record audio

Apart from these key features similar to camtasia, this free online screen recorder outstands its personality. For instance, it’s no necessary for users to waste time downloading any programme and all you need is a simple java applet. If you have installed java, just one click to record whatever you want like a breeze. In some degree, it also save your space. Additionally, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder supports recording audio separately, which is a good news for those people who are hunting a mp3 grabber. It is a win-win solution, isn’t it?


With the need to have the best software, in addition to quality and compatibility, we should take more extra factors into consideration, such as the budget, the utility, even the size and so on. In a word, if you are not a specific expert to make professional videos or you are just amateur to create eye-catching videos you need, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder can meet your requirements without striking a blow.

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