Free Way to Record Webex Meeting

record webex meetingThe trend of globalization and internationalization requires companies to communicate in different locations with a remote web service. Webex is one of the leading applications that companies use to have meetings in a much more convenient manner. By doing so, a company can conduct negotiations faster and be ultimately ahead of other companies in conducting business, especially in facilitating localized products or service.

It is very important to record Webex meeting. Since companies are bound to hold multiple meetings at a given time, it is essential to have a means of recording the entire conversation for the purpose of reviewing the meeting content at a later time. Nowadays, it is every company’s concern to find cost-efficient ways to operate businesses smoothly. This means that a lot of effort is given in finding ways to record meetings of Webex with high quality results for free.

Simple method – Webex built-in recorder

Actually, Webex itself offers a built-in recorder to record the whole meeting process. The operation steps are very simple.

webex built-in recorder
Problems of Webex Recorder

However, there are a few problems with using the Webex recorder. Although some issues can be solved with a little tweaking, the lost real time data from the dysfunction can never be retrieved. This is a huge inconvenience to the concerned companies. Most problems are caused by settings not set to default, inconsistencies in the account, or application license information. Some third party software are known to be user friendly and efficient in recording a Webex session like the Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder. There are no negative implications in using an outside application so a lot of people are considering the idea.

record webex session

How to Record a Webex Meeting with Apowersoft

This application is basically free software that allows easy recording of a computer’s screen activity. The good point about this product is that it’s easy to use and takes up very little space in the computer. It works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The software exists in two ways. One is through opening the application website and initializing the software from there. Second, you can install a desktop version of this application in the computer in order to record meetings without opening the browser.

Download Screen Recorder Pro to record webex

Solution 1: Online Application to Record Webex Meeting (Simple Way)

To record Webex session, you can click “Start Recording” button to open the web-based application and then follow the following steps:


When the user interface is open, you would immediately find the buttons of “Record” and “Stop”.

recording webex


Open up the Webex meeting, click the “Record” button a minute or so beforehand.

recording webex meeting


When the meeting is done, click the “Stop” button. The video would then be saved to the default location.

Video Tutorial
If it is still not very clearly for you to know how to use this recorder, you can watch the demo below to get intuitive conduction.

Solution 2: Use Apowersoft Desktop Version (Handy Way)

Many people are fond of installing desktop version to record their meetings, because the desktop version is much handier to use, additionally, the desktop application offers more functions, aside from recording meetings, it also has other features for different user needs. The following are some of the other functions it has:

capture webex picture

One of the most convenient features of recording Webex is the ability to set a schedule for the start and end of recording. You can find the settings for this function on the upper right corner of the user interface. Just explore through the “Options” until you arrive with the suitable settings. There are no limits to how many recordings are done. As long as your computer’s memory has enough space, there should be no issues.

create schedule task webex

To get the most out of any product, it is very important to learn the basic features. First of all, get yourself familiar with the user interface, and then different buttons would ensure better operation when the application is brought to full use. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is really a valuable method for recording Webex meetings with high quality. With today’s growing internet dependence, being able to make use of the internet for business matters is a must. An application like Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is essential to maintain high productivity in all business processes.

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  • Brendonfox May 20, 2014

    Recording online meetings helps businesses and individuals to refer to it as & when they need the same. Thanks to your tool, I can records both screen and voice with good quality.

    Alice Wang May 20th, 2014

    Glad to hear that. If you have any questions, leave a message here.

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  • Centrino Apr 29, 2014

    How comes you say the software is free ?

    Thank you for clarifying 😉

    Alice Wang May 3rd, 2014

    When you enter our official site, please click “Start Recording” (the orange button) to use it for free. If you want to use its Pro version, you can click the blue button to download.

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  • Lucie Apr 4, 2014

    Hello to everyone, it’s really a good one for me to record webex meeting. Awesome!

    Alice Wang April 7th, 2014

    Hello, Lucie,
    You can try it yourself. I highly recommend you to use Desktop version that is much professional to record your Webex meeting videos.

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