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MKV Converter is the best software to convert MKV files with subtitles. This MKV Converter can convert MKV to any video or audio formats like AVI, MP4, Divx, DVD Video, MPEG, and WMV. MKV Converter also supports converting videos to iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, MP4 player and other digital devices.

Getting Started

After starting MKV Converter Studio, follow these steps to convert MKV video or audio files to other formats for playback on different devices, including iPad, iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, and other mobile phones or portable video players.

    1. Add videos or audios into the program: Click Add button on the toolbar, then choose video, audio files you want in the dialog that opens. The loaded files will be displayed in the file list.

      Tips:You can also add files into the file list by clicking File > Add Files… in the main menu and choosing the files you want in the dialog that opens. After the videos and audios are added into the program, all the files are listed.

      See the picture:


    1. Select a file and click File->File Information to check detailed information of the loaded files.
    2. Click the Destination file to rename the output file.
    3. Click the Audio Track button to select an audio track if there are available audio tracks in the video file. Or you can add additional audio track from your hard disk.
    4. Click the Subtitle button to choose other subtitle if there are more selections.
  1. Edit the video (Optional)If you do not want to do any editing on the video, please skip this step. Select a video, and click the Video Edit button. You can trim and crop the video, change video image effect, or click the Subtitle Setting button to plug in subtitle into the video.
  2. Select profile: Choose one or more files in the file list, and click to open Profile drop-down list, then choose the profile you want from the classified profile list. Tips:If you’re not satisfied with the default profile parameter settings, you can click Setting button and adjust them in the Preset Editor window.
  3. Choose destination: Click Browse button under the profile drop-down list, then choose the destination folder for saving output files in the dialog that opens, and click OK button to return to the main window.
  4. Start Converting: After the above settings, check the files that needed to convert in the file list, and click Convert to start MKV conversion. You can check the progress from the progress bar at the bottom of the main window.


    1. You can click Stop button to stop the conversion according to your own need anytime during conversion.
    2. Converting a long video may cost a lot of time. You can check Shut down computer after conversion , and you don’t need to wait a long time to turn off your computer.

Video Edit

The program provides you with a comprehensive video effect editing tool, with which you can edit video image, crop video screen size, and pick out the segments you want from the source video/audio file.

Choose the file you want to edit in the file list, and click Video Edit button on the toolbar to enter into Video Edit window.


How-to & Troubleshooting & FAQ

Q: How to rename the destination file before converting?

A:Click the Destination file to rename the output file.


Q: How to speed up conversion?

A: There are quite a few factors that influence the duration of conversion:

  1. The length and size of the original file
  2. Settings for output files
  3. Computer configuration

And here are some tips that may be useful for speeding up conversion:

  1. Click Options> Preferences… to open the Preferences dialog. Find the option for CPU core. Choose the CPU core to use.

    For example, if you choose 4 cores, you will own four times speed than ever when converting common audio files.

  2. Do not make other operations on the computer when converting.

    When converting, there is a large amount of data processed, consuming intensive resource like CPU and system memory. So it would be much better not run other programs so that the resource won’t be distributed.

  3. Make the source file and output file on local hard disk.

    If the video you want to convert is on your camera or other device, and you want to put the output video onto your portable media player, please copy the source file to your computer first, and set the output directory on your computer, too, not directly on your media device. After conversion, you can copy the output video to the device.

  4. The higher parameter (resolution, frame rate, etc) the source video has, the longer it takes to convert it.

Q: How to improve quality of the output files?

A: The output file quality is closely related to the quality of source files and output settings. If the source file is with sharp quality, please select larger value for resolution and bit rate for better quality (but not larger than the original’s). Or you can try the HD formats or formats for Apple TV/PSP, whose default setting values are larger.

And please note that the size for output file would enlarge along with higher settings. The output file quality isn’t better than the original’s. Better is for output contrast.

Q: How can I get 5.1 channels?

A: To export 5.1 channels with high quality, please make sure there is 5.1 channels in the source file at first.

After loading the file into the program, please choose an output format from Profile list and click the Setting button to open Settings dialogue box.

After selecting AAC, AC3 or MP3 in the Audio Codec drop-down list, and if there is 5.1 channels available, you can get the 5.1 channels option in the Channel drop-down list. Otherwise, the 5.1 channels is not available as the output channel.

Q: How to transfer files to my iPhone/iPod/iPad with iTunes?

A: You have to save the converted files on your computer at first, then transfer the files to your iPhone/iPod/iPad via iTunes. Below are some tips on how to use iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to the computer and launch iTunes. (If you don’t have one, please download it from the apple official website My iPhone/iPod/iPad under the devices, and select the Manually Manage Music and Videos option in the summary window.
  2. Click File menu and select Add File to Library option to locate your MP3 or MP4 files, then the added files will be automatically classified in the music or films category under LIBRARY.
  3. Click music or film under LIBRARY, drag the music and film to My iPhone/iPod/iPad. And then click music or film under My iPhone/iPod/iPad, you will see the file in the right list.

Q: How can I know my order whether successfully or not?

A: Generally speaking, once the order is processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail sent from Avangate. This e-mail which contains the registration information indicates that the order has been processed successfully.

Please look up the order status from the following link:

Q: Why my subtitle is unreadable?

A: Please make sure you selected the correct Font and the correct code page for the subtitles. For more information on what Code page is, please see If you are not sure what Code Page to use, please consult this page which identifies different code pages:

Q: How to disable the audio or add additional audio in output file?

A: You just need to click the Audio Track button and select No audio to disable it or select Add audio… to add additional audio stream.

Q: How to get higher video quality?

A: The output video quality is decided by many factors, such as source file quality, output format, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and so on.

If you don’t mind, please change another format for a try or make the values of resolution, bit rate and frame rate larger.


It takes longer time to convert the video if the parameters are larger. So to get a higher quality will slow down the conversion speed more or less.

Technical Support

Contact Us Any time that you need help while using Apowersoft products, please contact our support team at or submit your request via the online form, Our customer service staff will give you a response within two (2) working days.

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  • Anonymous May 26, 2015

    I just downloaded the latest version of this software, but it did not convert the entire video, which was because it was unregistered. Then, I registered it, and it still won’t finish. After steady progress, the progress bar stops at ~60-70% and freezes for about a second, then says 1 task(s) have been finished, but only ~60-70% of the video is there. This renders the software unusable. How can I fix it and have it output the whole file?

    Ada Reed June 8th, 2015

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. The latest version of MKV converter has published recently, which has enhanced some functions. Could you please download and install the new one to try again. Please download it from this link.


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  • JF GODELIEZ May 3, 2015

    I’ve bought and installed latest version of MKV Converter Studio (2.5.7 Build 04/13/2015)
    I select a MKV file, choose MP4 Profil HD 1080p) and when i click on “Convert” button, immediatly the output folder is opened and the app said “Finished” “0 task(s) has been finished.”
    I’ve uninstalled, re-installed the product, i have the problem from previous version too.
    I’m on Windows 8.1 pro x64.

    Ada Reed May 3rd, 2015

    Dear JF,
    Thank you very much for your appreciation to our product. This is a real bug and we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience to you. Our technical engineers are working hard to develop a new version of MKV converter which will fix this problem and give you new experiences. And then, if possible, could you please wait for several days because it will be released in two days. We’ll give you the latest MKV converter as an alternative freely.

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  • Hakim Mar 2, 2015

    Hi i just installed mkv coverter studio in the netherlands. I try to convert a mkv file but every time i get the blanco destination folder after converter lik nothing happend. Do I have too change the mkv file first?

    Ada Reed March 6th, 2015

    Hello Hakim,
    I feel really sincere to say sorry for the inconvenience. Actually, there is no need to change your mkv file at first. Please refer to the screenshot below to solve your problem. Here I take MP4 as the output format as an instance.

    Convert mkv videos


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  • Alan Feb 15, 2015

    The movies I have downloaded to the converter studio all have gone fine. When the studio transfers to my computer it shorts the movie, so no ending. What to do?

    Ada Reed March 6th, 2015

    Dear Alan,
    I am really sorry for the delay and inconvenience. In reality, if you are using the MKV converter as an unregistered user, I am afraid that there is a length limitation for the trial edition. The video length will be limited to 30% of the original video.


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  • Philip Dec 7, 2014


    I’ve registered the software a few months ago and everything worked perfectly until now. When I’m adding an *.MKV file and I want to convert (ex. to Apple TV) the file, a split of a second later the program direct me to the “output” directory but nothing has been converted. It also display that 0 tasks are completed.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Ada Reed December 9th, 2014

    Dear Philip,

    Sorry for the inconvenience! I have tried that and it did well. You are suggested to select “All files” not “All supported Formats”when you were adding your *.MKV file, which is very important. Only thus can the converter go back to work properly.

    Best Wishes,

    Philip December 13th, 2014

    Hey Ada,

    So I did what you suggested but it didn’t work also. I selected “all files” and my mkv file was prompting. Just as it did when I selected the other option.
    I still have the same problem when I hit the convert button. It won’t convert the file.


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  • Scott Thmas Nov 13, 2014

    I converted to a newer version of the MKV Converter Studio V2.5.5. Now all my conversions are painfully slow and error out half of the time. This is so much so unusable I had to uninstall and go back to the previous version. What did you do to your converter engine guys? This is pitiful in such an excellent product. Please issue a fix pronto! Thanks!!

    Ada Reed November 13th, 2014

    Hi, Scott! As normal, our program will not change processing speed if you update it to any version. And the processing speed is determined by the video length and size. Was that caused by the video you added too large? If that’s the problem, you can choose the function of “Shutdown computer after conversion” which is at the bottom right corner of the product. Then you don’t need to wait for the converting process in front of a computer. You can save time on other things and hope this tip useful to you!

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  • Ian Robertson Aug 17, 2014


    I have paid and registered but the “convert” icon remains greyed out and unresponsive.
    How do I make it work?

    Ada Reed August 17th, 2014

    Hi Ian Robertson,
    I think you haven’t added your videos that need to convert. If you import the video, the “Convert” button will brighten.

    Please refer to the image below:
    convert button brighten

    AR mani August 24th, 2014

    give me the license coad of mkv converter

    Ada Reed August 25th, 2014

    Hello, please activate the software by purchasing the program with the link below, once made payment, the system will send you the license code to activate.

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  • Huych Astrid Apr 10, 2014

    Before buying MKV converter, i would like to know if i can make a dvd from the video that i converted.
    Thanks, i wait for your answer.

    Ada Reed May 13th, 2014

    Hi Huych Astrid,
    I am regret to tell you that MKV converter can’t make a dvd! If you want to make a DVD from video, you can use a DVD creator.

    DVD creator can help me burn video to DVD directly.

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  • m_ibol Dec 7, 2013

    the converter dose not converts the whole file,my file is about 60min long and it only converts 5min of the file…………..please answer

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    Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  • eilca973 May 19, 2013

    Why is my file unreadable (0 octet) after conversion to avi ?

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Mrs Sandra Newport Mar 30, 2013

    The converter seems to do what I want, but I have too ask myself is it worth the price that you are asking, You see I’m a pensioner living on a fixed income and the price that you are asking is a little expensive for me.

    Do you do a lower price for occasional users like myself, I will only use it a few times a year but I would like to register it but at a much lower price if that is at all possible. Thank you Mrs Sandra Newport

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  • Franklin T Snow Jr Mar 19, 2013

    I would like to have the subtitles below the movie, not inside, How do I do it?

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  • Jan 26, 2013

    bookmarked!!, I love your sitе!

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