• How to convert WMA to iTunes easily?

    How to convert WMA to iTunes easily?

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    I often use iTunes to listen to music or transfer audios to my portable devices like iPhone, iPod, etc. However, recently I am upset by the problem that WMA audio cannot be recognized by iTunes. I have no idea what should I do. Is there a WMA to iTunes converter that can help me do this? Please give me some suggestion. Thanks.

    How to convert WMA to iTunes easily?
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    WMA (Windows Media Audio) is a common audio format that is used widely in this era. However, it is a pity that iTunes doesn’t support this audio format. Since iTunes only recognizes the formats of MP3, MP4, M4A, ACC, etc, WMA songs bought from online stores like Amazon or Windows Media Center cannot be accessed. In that case, here I will introduce you effortless solutions to overcome the incompatible issues of iTunes.

    Best Program for Windows Users

    Streaming Audio Recorder is the most recommendable software for those Windows users. It is a professional software that can help you convert WMA files to accustomed formats for iTunes with high quality and fast speed. More than that, possessing various functions, this software is able to satisfy your different purposes like converting audio, recording audio, downloading free MP3, etc. All at once, this program is welcomed by many people for the following reasons:

    1. Easy-to-use and multiple functions.
    2. Clear and concise interface.
    3. Stable and safe operating environment.
    4. No ads, no virus disturbs you.
    5. Supporting many languages for users from non-English speaking countries.

    Here as a WMA to iTunes converter, it can work things out in two ways.

    Option one: Audio Converter

    The first solution is to convert WMA audio to other formats including MP3, ACC, OGG, and WAV. The operation will be divided into two parts: first is to convert WMA audio to other formats; second is to import the converted audio to iTunes. Here is the step-by-step guide:

    • Install and run the software on your computer.
    • Select “Audio Converter” under “Tools” menu and you will see the built-in converter.
    • Click “Add” icon to load the WMA audio to this tool.
    • After that, configure some related settings like output format and folder. I suggest you to set the format as “MP3” since it is the most standard format.
    • Hit on “Start” and the conversion will be finished in a second. Then you could have converted the WMA file to MP3 file successfully.

    • Navigate to the tools menu and choose “Add to iTunes”. It will pop up a window for you to transferring music to iTunes.
    • Click “Add” and choose the music files you want to import to iTunes. Then hit on “Start”, those music tracks will be transferred to your iTunes one by one.
    • When it’s done, you can check the music file in iTunes library.

    Option two: Audio Recorder

    Aside from converting WMA to iTunes with “Audio Converter”, you can record the sound of WMA into a new audio file with iTunes compatible format. Before recording, configure the settings at your will. Adjust audio format to MP3 or ACC, then set output folder and other options. To start recording, you just need to click “On” and play the WMA audio, then hit on “Off” to finish the progress. After that, you can go on to add the recorded audio to iTunes (the instruction is just the same as that in option one).

    WMA to iTunes converter for Mac

    There’s a parallel version for Mac users – Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac. It is a specially designed program that can let Mac users to record any sound from both system and microphone. In addition, this software supports many iTunes friendly format. Please follow the instructions below and you’ll see how simple it is.

    Step 1: Download and launch this software on your Mac.
    Step 2: Configure the settings according to your need. You can also adjust the input volume.
    Step 3: Play the WMA audio and then start recording by clicking the small round icon. Also, you may control over the recording within pause or stop icons.
    Step 4: The last thing you should do is to open iTunes and add the recorded audio files to iTunes library.

    As the best program for converting WMA to iTunes on Mac, it has many attractive merits:

    Firstly, you can record the audio as long as you want in 1:1 quality within this software.
    Secondly, the auto-identification function is able to recognize the music information like title, artist, genre, etc correctly.
    Thirdly, during the recording process, this software will automatically skip the silent part caused by delay of buffers or interruption in connection.

    Two pieces of remarkable software talked in this thread come in handy for people to know how to convert WMA to iTunes. Windows users are fit for Streaming Audio Recorder and Mac users are suited to Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac. Hope you can find a desire program as you need.

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