• What’s the best Windows Sound Recorder alternative?

    What’s the best Windows Sound Recorder alternative?

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    I tried to record my voice with the Windows Sound Recorder, but found the recorded file was in WMA format. It is annoying since this format cannot be played on the smartphone. Are there any easy voice recorders that can record audio in MP3?

    What’s the best Windows Sound Recorder alternative?
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    Sound Recorder is simple tool used for recording Microphone voice. It comes with Windows operating system, so users can utilize it without searching and installing. However, it only provides basic functions with limits. For example, it is troublesome to pause audio recording because it doesn’t have a “Pause” button on the interface. And, it only records voice through Microphone and save it as WMA file. To overcome these limits and to achieve better audio recording experience, choose a nice Sound Recorder alternative is important.

    Free Alternative to Windows Sound Recorder

    There are tons of voice recorders on the Internet, but some of them are difficult to use and have poor performance on audio recording. Luckily, here we have a qualified option – Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. This is also a free application and you can activate it online without installing. Let’s see the detailed operations to know its functions:

    • Go to the webpage of the online audio recorder, click “Start Recording” to launch it.
    • The tool will be loaded after you enabling Java.
    • On the interface, set the “Audio Input” according to your need. You are enabled to record audio from computer, Mic or the both sides.
    • Navigate to “Tools” – “Options” to set the target format and destination directory for recording audio. It saves audio in MP3 by default, but also supports to output audio in OGG, AAC, WAV and others.
    • Now you can play an audio file or speak with Mic, and then click “Record” icon when you are ready. During recording, you may pause it at any time by clicking “Pause” button and click “Stop” when you are done.
    • The audio will be saved in the directory indicated by you, just click “Open Folder” to find it.

    Except of the recording function, this Windows Sound Recorder replacement offers other functions which include rename, convert, edit ID3 tag and etc. To get these functions, just right click the file name to open up the menu on the interface.

    Below is a video which helps you learn more about this tool.

    All-around Sound Recorder Similar Program

    Another voice recorder that deserves to try is Streaming Audio Recorder. It’s a standalone program which needs to be installed before using, but the installation procedures are simple and only take a little time.

    Its operations are also understandable, you may refer to the instructions of the above mentioned tool. Yet it comes with more features as following:

    • It facilitates to record audio in different quality such as 320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps and 160kbps.
    • It has the inlaid player which lets you listen to the audio after recording.
    • The ID3 identifier adds song title, artist name, genre for recorded songs automatically.
    • The “Add to iTunes” function helps to transfer audios to iTunes library without effort. Then, users can connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC for updating the audio data.

    Streaming Audio Recorder could be a suitable Windows Sound Recorder alternative for the users who seek for a more comprehensive audio tool, since it has some additional functions like editing, searching and downloading.

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