• Why the program stop to record alone?

    Why the program stop to record alone?

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    I just record videos and all was normal in the first 4 ones (long around 20 min) but after this the program start to stop recording. I don’t even touch the button for stop record I haven’t change the settings too. What’s happened? It always stop record in 3 minutes. Why? Please help. :(

    Why the program stop to record alone?
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    Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you. Could you please tell us which program are you using now? Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro or Free Screen Recorder? If you are using the free screen recorder or online screen recorder, you can download this version from below URL and use it.

    Download URL: http://download.apowersoft.com/free-screen-recorder.exe

    However, if you are Pro users and find that your screen recorder turns into trial version and always stop at three minutes’ when recording, you can contact us via our support email: support@apowersoft.com and tell us your product ID or email that associated with your order. Thanks!

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