• Where and how can I download non-copyrighted music?

    Where and how can I download non-copyrighted music?

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    Recently, I attempted to upload a video to Youtube, but it’s automatically rejected as “terms of use violation” by the time the video is uploaded. Later on, I realize that the background music of my uploading video is copyrighted. Sooooo, I wanna change the music into a non-copyrighted one. But the problem is I don’t know how to download non-copyrighted music?

    Where and how can I download non-copyrighted music?
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    Perhaps the most annoying thing for video author is to choose music for his videos. Generally, a great majority of music is protected by copyright laws which grant the ownership of creators and distributors of original musical compositions including lyrics, melody and rhythm. Since such kind of music is protected from unauthorized use and profit by second or third parties, so if you want to use it as background music, you may easily violate music copyright laws.

    Luckily, non-copyrighted music provides a way out of this dilemma. Non-copyrighted music, which also named royalty free music, refers to the music that can be used without the permission of the composer of the music. No crediting is needed when using it. However, sometimes websites that provide non-copyrighted music do not support to download its music directly. In this case, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder would help.

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is an audio recording program that is available for downloading non-copyrighted music by recording it with high quality. With this free and online program, you are able to record any audio as you like, whether it’s streaming video, online music that you can hear from the computer sound card or the voice you speak through microphone. Even better, while recording, the music being recorded can be automatically tagged with a wealth of music tracks information including title, artist, album, genre etc. To download this kind of music successfully, you can follow the steps below.

    Go to the webpage of this audio recorder and hit on “Start Recording”. Then a java applet will pop up, after you have clicked on “Run”, this audio recorder will be available for use. Next, you can change the default settings as you prefer. You can select output format and file directory or configure other advanced settings. Once all these settings are done, you can click on “Record” to start recording. Now you can play the track you want to record. And the final step is to hit on “Stop” to finish this recording.

    However, where you can download copyright-free music for your video clips?

    Major music providers like Apple, Amazon or Microsoft are definitely not your ideal choice, as these big companies mainly distribute copyrighted music. Luckily, there is a growing number of non-copyrighted music websites for you to find what you want.

    Top Five Free Non-copyrighted Music You Should Know

    1. Incompetech

    Incompetech has overwhelming choices for great royalty free music. The music tracks it provides are mainly sorted by the creation date. With wide variety of its collection, you can search for what you want easily. Or you can search on genre, feel, or any word found in that piece of music.

    2. Audionautix

    Audionautix offers music that categorized by genres, tempo and mood with no copyright hassles. You can even use its music for commercial purposes as long as you provide a link to this website or list it in your credits.

    3. ccMixter

    ccMixter is a community music site that offers you a great selection of music with creative commons licenses. Without registration, you can listen to remixes, samples, a cappellas and many other tracks. Besides, you can freely use its music for other use, but it requires you to give credit to the source within your video.

    4. Public Domain 4U

    Publicdomain4u.com is a great website for finding and downloading free non-copyrighted music at no charge. For the historical music recordings it provided, you can use them freely since there are no longer any intellectual property rights attached to them. While for modern music, it’s only free with artist permission.

    5. Free Soundtrack Music

    Free Soundtrack Music provides tons of royalty free music for using in films, uploaded videos, video games, or other digital multimedia productions. It allows you to search sound tracks based on music genres, emotions, usage or even find what you want based on random selection. After searching, you can play full track online or directly download it to your computer.

    Where and how can I download non-copyrighted music?
    Dave Schumer

    There is a new website I think it is expecially made for Youtubers: theconunity.com

    Where and how can I download non-copyrighted music?

    there is no copy right sounds and goblins from mars

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