• What should I do to record Shoutcast?

    What should I do to record Shoutcast?

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    On hot summer days, nothing would be better than enjoying Internet radio leisurely while sipping cool drinks at home. I often do that and I love to enjoy listening to live radio, especially Shoutcast, but it’s a puzzle that I do not know how to record Shoutcast stream in order to save it. Does anyone know how can I do it? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

    What should I do to record Shoutcast?
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    Shoutcast is an Internet radio service that provides users millions of songs around the world. It offers users more than 50000 radio stations from Jazz, Rock, Pop to talk with a wide range of language including French, Russian, German, Spanish etc. As such a good Internet radio stations, it’s no wonder why it can attract so many music lovers to save its radio. And there are three ways available for you to solve your problem.

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a free Shoutcast recorder that allows you to record any online radio for free. It’s easy to use, you can refer to the steps I list below to make your recordings.

    Step 1. Click on Start Recording to initialize java applet, then this free online audio recorder will pop up.

    Step 2. Change the settings to whatever you prefer. For example, you can change audio input to system sound, microphone or both. Also you can choose your desired output format which includes ogg, mp3, aac, wav, wma.

    Step 3. Hit the Record button to start your recording.

    Note: If you want to record Shoutcast later, then you can create a schedule task in the drop down list of Tools. Once you have named the schedule task and set the start time and stop time of the recording, then you can click Create button to complete the schedule task creation.

    Step 4. Goto Shoutcast.com and search for the radio you prefer.

    Step 5. Play the radio you choose. Once you played the radio, the recorder will start the recording and skip the silent passages automatically during the recording.

    Step 6. Stop the recording by clicking Stop button. Now your recording of Shoutcast radio can be saved.


    Winamp is a media player that enables you to listen to music or other audio files including Shoutcast radio. It has the capability to record or save streams from websites like Shoutcast, provided that Lame plugin is installed to this player. It’s true that Shoutcast ripper would be perfect if it combines recording function along with entertainment. However, to record shoutcast stream with Winamp would be a little bit troublesome, as users need to download and install both Winamp and Lame plugin.

    Fortunately, Streaming Audio Recorder can save you this trouble and meet you the need of entertainment at the same time.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    As an alternative to Winamp, Streaming Audio Recorder not only allows you to record any sound you hear on PC without the loss of quality, but also enables you to entertain yourself by enjoying the latest popular songs and radio from dozens of genres. Even better, it is equipped with many other functions covering CD burner, audio editor, audio converter etc. Here I will provide you a video on how to record Shoutcast.

    Alternative Radio services to Shoutcast


    Live365.com is the world’s most diverse online radio network that provides over 5000 online radio stations. It can help to discovery new music, friend you may like according to the taste you set.


    iHeartRadio is a free and powerful Internet radio provider that allows you to listen to tremendous live radio including news, talk, sports and many other music radio. Moreover, it enables you to create your own radio.

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