• What’s the simple method to download cntv video?

    What’s the simple method to download cntv video?

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    CNTV provides the latest news from all around the world, so I love to get helpful information there. Also, I wanna download some videos from CNTV and collecting them as study material. So, do you have any idea on how to download CNTV? Is it a difficult stuff? I wish someone could kindly give me a hand, thanks.

    What’s the simple method to download cntv video?
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    CNTV is the China Network Television which brings the Asian, European, American and world news. The online official site supports visitors to browse it in different languages such as Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and many others. In this case, people in all the countries could read and watch the news fluently. However, the question arises when you need to download cntv video for the site doesn’t provide download option. Then, the best bet is to find a third-party video download manager which can be utilized to download from cntv. Actually, I have tested several ways on doing video downloads. The results show that Video Download Capture could complete the job and works very well. If you wanna download news videos without effort, you can follow the below instructions.

    Right approach to process cntv video download

    Generally, Video Download Capture downloads videos in a smart way, it enables you to auto-detect playing video and add it to download. Indeed, cntv videos also can be downloaded like this. But I don’t suggest you to use this way since some cntv videos are special. Then, if you use video detector function to download them, the full-length videos will be downloaded to several separated clips. And you have to merge them together to enjoy a full video. Thus, to download the videos perfectly, please see the steps:

    • Download cntv downloader and install it.
    • Download

    • Browse cntv and watch the video, copy the webpage URL.
    • Back to the program interface, enter the URL into download box, click “Add to Download” icon.
    • In no time, the video will begin to download. You can check the progress in the download list.
    • Hit “Open Folder” and find the downloaded videos in the output directory.

    You can play the video, it must be the full-length file. This is the 100% successful method to download video from cntv. Better yet, the download videos are MP4 files and it is easy for you to transfer and play them on portable devices.

    Full guide to download live stream on cntv

    Except streaming videos, cntv also supports viewers to watch live news and programs. To download the live videos, I’m here to share an alternative way to download cntv.

    No trouble, you can still use the Video Download Capture, take advantage of the embedded screen recorder. Tap “Record Screen” on the interface, adjust related settings. Tick “With audio” box and choose the input audio source as “System sound”. Specify the record region as “Custom area”, open the cntv live and hit “Start” button. The video recording will begin right away. After that, you can control the recording at will. Please rest assure that the program could record video in 1:1 quality.

    Yes, you can download all cntv videos with these two ways. Choose the suitable way and begin video downloads. Good luck!

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