• What’s the best way to email audio files?

    What’s the best way to email audio files?

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    I have recorded several Skype conversations and need to share them with my colleagues, but the size of audio files is too large which cannot be sent by the mail. How can I deal with the question? Any one tried to email a large audio file successful?

    What’s the best way to email audio files?
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    By sending email, we not only can communicate with others, but also easy to share audios, pics, videos and documents etc. Actually, we can insert the media files as attachment in mail with just a single click. But things become complicated when the attached files are too large as mentioned in this question. Through audios tend to have small size, but the long lectures, conference recordings, HQ music also may be large-sized. In this case, it is necessary to learn some knowledge about how to email an audio file effortlessly.

    Solution 1: Compress the Audio File Size

    By compressing the audio, the size will be decreased effectively. The downside is that compression will lead to the quality loss. It is unavoidable, so I don’t suggest you to email large music files in this way. Next, let’s learn two commonly-used ways for compressing audio file.

    I. Audacity

    Audacity has lots of editing functions and also allows to compress audio perfectly. You can follow the steps to and then email audio files with ease.

    • Download the program from its official site, then install and launch it.
    • Click “File” – “Open”, then browse your hard drive and add the audio.
    • Enter “Project Rate” menu and adjust the rate lower. Then, remove the stereo sound by hitting the downward arrow beside the audio name and choose “Split Stereo Track”.
    • And you can shorten the audio by deleting silent parts. Choose flat portions in the waveform, then right click and hit “Delete”.
    • The final step is to click “File” – “Export as MP3” for saving the compressed audio.
    • Compose the mail, write your text, click “Insert Attach” or other similar button to add the audio into mail. Now, the audio can be mailed.

    II. Streaming Audio Recorder

    Using Audacity to compress audio is workable, but the procedures are not that understandable. Once you miss a click or select, the result will be unsatisfactory. For reference, I’m going to introduce another way to compress and email MP3 files.

    • Download and install Streaming Audio Recorder on your computer or Mac.
    • Click “Settings” icon on the interface, then navigate to “Record Settings”.
    • Set format as “MP3” and the bitrate as “160kbps” or lower. Tick “Automatically skip silent passages” item, specify “Audio Source” as “System Sound”. Click “Ok” to apply the settings.
    • Play the audio which need to be sent by mail, then hit “On” on Streaming Audio Recorder. The audio will be recorded.
    • Hit “Off” icon when the playing completed.

    Now, the audio will be saved as low quality audio and the size will be reduced. You can tap “Open Folder” to find it and sent via email. The whole process is highly automatic, the defect is that you need to spend time to play the audio.

    Solution 2: Upload and Email Large Audio Files

    If you don’t want to sacrifice the audio quality, then I recommend you to upload the files to network storage disk and share the download link in mail. Numerous online services let you upload and store files, and Media Fire is a safe one among all of them.

    To use this site, please sign up first. You can try it free, since the free registered users have 10GB space. After logging up, enter “My Files” and click “Upload”. Wait for a while, the uploading duration depends on the file size and internet speed. Later, you can hit “Copy Link”. Now, write the mail and remember to add the link. The receiver just needs to open the link and download the audio.

    The method is simple and able to keep audio quality, the drawback is that it is not available when there’s no network.

    All these introduced methods have their merits and demerits, so if you know better ways to email audio files, don’t hesitate to leave a reply.

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