• What’s the best stationripper alternative?

    What’s the best stationripper alternative?

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    Hello, everyone. I have been using stationripper for about half a year. It is efficient and can record radio programs online very conveniently. Yet, I find the output audio quality is not very good. And I cannot bear the ads embedded in the software. Now, I decide to try other software. Wish some one can offer me some options about stationripper alternative. Waiting for your wise advises!

    What’s the best stationripper alternative?
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    StationRipper is one of the most popular programs among all the streaming radio recorders on the market. Using it, you are able to record radio in a quick way. Just browse the radio stations in the software, then play it and click “Record” icon to record the radio shows. However, it is not a perfect tool. As Nancy said, the audio quality of recorded audio cannot make users satisfied. And the advert is also another problem. Other questions are concerning program crash and incapacity of working with Mac. If you cannot bear these troubles, perhaps the best way is to choose a software like StationRipper that can overcome such drawbacks.

    For your reference, here I’m glad to share some StationRipper similar tools.

    Option 1: Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a professional radio recording tool which allows to record radio shows and music without time limit. It is a clean tool, which means there are no adverts when using it. It can make 1:1 audio files by recording the origin sounds. In addition, the recorder can export audio to several formats like MP3, AAC, M4R, WAV, OGG and etc. Except controlling radio recording process manually, you are also supported to schedule for recording your favorite radio programs. This StationRipper alternative works simply, so you won’t feel confused about how to start recording job.

    • Get the software and install it on computer. Launch the recorder and set input audio source as “System Sound”.
    • Click “Play” tab, and select “Radio” from the left side menu.
    • Browse the radio stations or search your liked station, play the radio. Then, hit red “Record” icon to record the radio.
    • Click “Off” when you want to stop recording. You may choose to listen to it with inbuilt player or your desktop player.

    The last thing that worth to mention is that Streaming Audio Recorder. It is not only compatible with Windows, but can also work on Mac operating systems. The interface is sleek and the operation is similar to the Windows version. In this case, it is can be served as StationRipper for Mac.

    Option 2: Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

    Different from Sationripper, this application is not a desktop software. Using it, you should enable Java and launch it from this page: http://www.apowersoft.com/free-audio-recorder-online. It also works in different way comparing with StationRipper. Still, it is powerful and capable of recording streaming radio flawlessly. Another salient feature of this app is that this application has guarantee of great safety and free of charge.

    To conduct audio recording with this recorder, you should stream the radio on web firstly. Then, come to the page which I offered above and activate Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder. Next, you can control recording by clicking “Record”, “Pause” and “Stop” buttons. After recording, the app could help you convert audio to other formats if necessary. Also, you are empowered to do some simple editing.

    Option 3: RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder

    RadioCatch is another StationRipper alternative. It is a shareware which runs well on all the Windows operating systems. It supports users to listen to the radio from all around the world. While listening, you can set the volume and balance before starting to record radio shows. At the same time, you also have the ability to record radio and microphone voice simultaneously. In this way, you can make some explanation and memo for the radio programs or songs.

    The small drawback is the software has limited audio output formats, and it does not come with conversion function. So, if you wish to convert audio to other media file type, you should utilize another audio converter. This is free converter which you can use online: http://www.apowersoft.com/free-online-video-converter

    Okay, this is my suggestion about alternatives to StationRipper. Any other suggestions or discussions are welcomed.

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