• What’s the best Screamer Radio alternative?
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    What’s the best Screamer Radio alternative?

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    Hello, everyone in the forum. Do you know any tool that works like Screamer Radio? I have been used this program for two years, it is very helpful. But it hasn’t update for a long time and I cannot add the new radio stations into it. It is so frustrating, I wish to find other feasible radio recorders.

    What’s the best Screamer Radio alternative?
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    Screamer Radio is a convenient program which allows to search, listen and record web radio stations easily. Radio fans love it for it collects thousands of radio channels, thus saves your time to search them one by one on the Internet. Besides, the recording feature lets you save shows, talks and music in the radio, then you are able to listen them at anytime. However, since it had stopped update for three years, many problems are appearing now. First, it doesn’t allow users to import new stations anymore. Second, Windows 8 users are unable to utilize it. Last but not the least, it is a little outdated and crashes frequently while operating. If you want to have new and all-around radio recorders as alternatives to Screamer Radio, check the two options below.

    Program Similar to Screamer Radio for Windows

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a comprehensive software that can be used to record radio in high quality. It is a simple tool, even computer beginners will handle it without problems. Follow the instructions to see how to use now:

    1. Click the green button to download the Screamer Radio alternative, launch it after installation.
    2. Click “Play” tab – “Radio”, the radio channels are sorted by genres there, you can enter a genre and listen to them directly.
    3. Otherwise, you can press the “Search” tab, enter the keywords to find your favorite radio.
    4. By clicking the headphone shaped icon, the radio will be played. At this time, you can hit red round icon to begin to record it. Also, you are allowed to collect the radio channels by clicking star shaped icon.
    5. After recording radio, tap “Record” tab – “Open Folder” button to find recorded file.

    The procedures are quite easy, aren’t they? According to your need, you can choose to record radio into lots of formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, WMA and others. And you are suggested to utilize “Create Schedule Task” function to make the recording job easier. With it, just specified the start and end time, then the program will auto record the radio programs on time. The simple demo will guide you know more about it.

    Nice Screamer Radio for Mac

    On the other hand, assuming that you need a Screamer Radio similar which works well on Mac, my advice is to try Snowtape. Developed by Vemedio, Snowtape is a decent program which bundled with many useful functions including listen, record radio, edit audios and export them to iTunes. Unlike other programs like Screamer Radio, it supports users to add new radio stations into it via URL. In this case, you can listen to any online radios at will. To get to know it clearly, check its highlight quickly:

    • It records radio at any length without lag.
    • By configuring settings, it can skip silent parts and filter duplicate audios while recording.
    • The software will tag music files with song title, artist name, genre, album cover and etc.
    • It is capable of exporting MP3 and AAC audio to iTunes library with a single click.
    • It is light weight and comes with a multi-language interface.

    Compared to the Streaming Audio Recorder, this Screamer Radio alternative is a little complicated. To learn more, visit its site to read guides or watch video demos.

    What’s the best Screamer Radio alternative?

    I was a user of screamer radio on Windows platform but moved to Mac a while ago. I was frustrated to have not a similar program than screamer running on Mac. I just found Radio Ripper. It works just fine and can again rip my favorite radio stream! The interface is sober and there is no extended user guide but it is quite simple to use.

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