• what happened to the Download button?

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    what happened to the Download button?

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    I had to reinstall apowersoft onto a new computer since my other one died, and I notice that the interface does not have a Download button ( function). Can someone tell me how to get it back? i bought a lifetime sub

    what happened to the Download button?

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    Hi, very sorry. Yes. The latest version of the program removed the Download button. We don’t provide the old version now. 

      • marit :

        So all over the website it says you can download using this button - all the guides show it, and you trick us into paying for a service you no longer provide? 

      • 2019-03-18 18:26 Reply
      • Apowersoft reply to marit :

        Hi, sorry, we don't want to trick any of our customer. Please use our Video Download Capture to download video. I have helped you activate the Monthly VIP account for free. Please check your email. 

      • 2019-03-21 22:49 Reply
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