• Video Recording Gaming Sessions

    Video Recording Gaming Sessions

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    I started to record games with this software. I use the free online recorder and I have to say this thing is the best I have ever seen on the Internet. It’s free, have very good video quality and mixes the microphone input very well with the ingame sound. Furthermore there is no watermark or any restriction to the free online recorder as it would be with all other recorders you can find on the internet. I just wonder what the different is to the PRO version of the screen recorder, because the free one is all I need.
    And what is the difference for Apowersoft, that the online recorder is free and the offline not? Is my recording going to be stored on a server? I also don’t see any advertisements, this seems to good for me ^^

    PS: look me up on youtube: ‘BlackzerO’

    Video Recording Gaming Sessions
    Alice Wang
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    Hi, Mathias!

    Thanks for your support and love for our screen recorder.

    Compared with free version, our Pro version is more stable and powerful. It provides more recording modes and supports uploading video to Youtube directly and FTP. Plus, it’s also equipped with task scheduler which allows you to set fixed time and region to start recording automatically. Other features like iOS recording, screenshot taking are also available in our Pro version.

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