• User Interface has disappeared

    User Interface has disappeared

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    Hi guys, I’d appreciate any help going because I’m lost!
    I downloaded the trial Video Download Capture last night on my Acer netbook running Windows 7 sp. All was going well until I accidentally knocked one of the adverts for Youtube videos at the bottom. The window that opened to play the video was bigger than the window for the software and I couldn’t find any way of closing it so I ended up just closing the whole program. When i then went to open the program again no window appeared. The buttom is there on the taskbar showing that it is running, when I stream video I get the popup saying it has detected it and it then downloads it. I can open the options from the right-click menu on the icon in the tray. After a suitable amount of time has passed, I can go get the downloaded video from the the folder in documents. But there is no User Interface at all, and it was definitely there yesterday!

    User Interface has disappeared
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    Thanks for asking question here. That’s exactly right, you can preview video with built-in media player in Full Screen mode. If you do not want to play the video that was bigger than the window, you can press back to exit. Or you may un-install the program and download it from our website again. And then, please launch it again.

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