• USB Debugging
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    USB Debugging

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    Apower Manager.

    Connecting Via Wi Fi

    when starting the scan Q Code option disappears very quickly. I then have to cancel the request to enable usb debugging many times before the Q Code option will re appear. then during normal operation Apower Manager continually presents the request to enable usb debugging when the Wi Fi connection is active and connected to the phone ???   

    USB Debugging
    Ada Reed
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    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the Apowersoft community and sorry for the inconvenience. 

    Would you please download the link below to install the latest version? https://download.apowersoft.com/down.php?softid=apowermanagerinstaller

    Please contact us again if the problem hasn’t been fixed after the update.

    Best regards,


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      • Alan (author) :

        OK Thanks very much that's a great improvement with the QR code for connecting.

        I note that Apower Manager no longer asks for usb debugging to be enabled when connecting via Wi Fi. if this remains the same then that to will be a great improvement.



      • 2018-09-15 12:56 Reply
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      • Ada Reed reply to Alan :

        Hi Alan,

        Sorry for the problem. Could you please follow the screenshot below to send feedback along with log file from the program? Our technician will check it soon. Thank you!

      • 2018-09-16 21:27 Reply
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