• Upgrade to Big Sur
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    Upgrade to Big Sur

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    As soon as I upgraded to Big Sur on my mac, any shapes or text I add to my screenshots will not show up when I paste it??  Any assistance appreciated.  Thanks.

    Upgrade to Big Sur
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    Pretty tragic response… basically, go find another product.  VERY disappointing.  Given this response, I would not buy any of their other products.


    2022-03-14 10:10:21

    Dear User,

    So sorry for the issue! Our mac screenshot is currently not compatible with the latest catalina system.  Our technician is aware of this issue and is working on the updated version.

    It’s suggested  to find another similar product to replace the mac screenshot at the moment.

    And we are sorry for all the inconveniences this may bring you. Thank you for the support and understanding!

    If you have any further problems or concerns, please feel free to contact us again.
    Apowersoft is committed to providing simple, creative and easy-to-use software to people around the world.
    Best regards
    Apowersoft Support Center

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