• Update Failed-Online Screen Recorder
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    Update Failed-Online Screen Recorder

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    Please help.  

    I attempted to launch Online Screen Recorder but I get the following error message:  “update failed” The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.  

    It also gives me a button to “start old version” but it doesn’t do anything when I click on it.

    I have completed the following steps in order to resolve the issue but it didn’t help.

    Cleared cache

    deleted App launcher folder under appdata.

    Update Failed-Online Screen Recorder
    Alice Wang
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    Dear user, in this case, please manually submit your log file to support @apowersoft.com so that our technician can check it for you. To submit the log file:

    – Open My PC/Computer, and search %appdata% at the top searching bar, then run the result.

    – Find the file of Apowersoft online screen recorder and enter it. It may also under the Apowersoft file.

    Then send the log file to us is alright. 

    Meanwhile, please describe the issue you are having with the problem in the email. Thank you!

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