• [Tutorial]How I Record iPhone X
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    [Tutorial]How I Record iPhone X

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    As we all know iPhone X is equipped with the latest iOS 11 which has a new feature – screen recording.

    To enable it, just go to “Settings” > “Control Center” > “Customize Controls” > add “Screen Recording”. After this, it will show on the Control Center.


    This is the recording image. Unlike other recording tools on Android, it doesn’t show the recording time bar on the phone screen. However, you also don’t know when it starts and how long the recording takes.


    Here I also have another great way with ApowerMirror. As it is perfectly compatible with iPhone X.


    1. First, set phone and the computer connected to the same WiFi.

    2. Second, open the desktop and mobile app.

    3. Third, press the “M” at the bottom of the phone. It will search all the devices under the same network.

    4. Fourth, find the computer name and tap it.

    5. Fifth, slide down to enable “Screen Mirroring” on the Control Center.

    6. Sixth, hit the computer name again and the phone screen will be shown on the computer.

    7. Seventh, on the computer, click “Start recording” on the tool bar to start the recording and when finishing the recording, hit the same button to end.

    The recording file will be saved on a folder, click “Open folder” to check it.

    With this tool, I don’t need to use another tool to check the time. Moreover, I don’t need to slide down to end the recording. So I can directly upload the gameplay with too much editing.

    While using ApowerMirror, it updated to V1.2.7 and adds a case for the phone, which is really exciting!

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