• Is it possible to transfer PPT to iPad?

    Is it possible to transfer PPT to iPad?

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    I want to view presentations on my iPad, but my PowerPoint documents are on my computer. Anyone know ways to move these documents to my iPad? :idea:

    Is it possible to transfer PPT to iPad?
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    The iPad is a good device to view PowerPoint presentations for its big and high resolution screen. As long as iPad has an app supporting the PPT presentation, you manage to enjoy your PPT documents on iPad. To move these PPT documents to iPad, you can apply the following two ways.

    Method one – transfer PowerPoint to iPad by using iTunes

    • Run iTunes, connect your iPad to your PC through USB cable and iTunes will automatically connect your iPad with it.
    • Enter iPad by clicking the iPad icon and then choose “Apps” tab on the tool bar. Locate “PowerPoint” among the application list. If PowerPoint has been not installed, you need to install it on your iPad first.
    • Click “Add files” to add those PPT files you want to transfer from your computer and then click “Sync” button. Back to your iPad, you can view these PowerPoint documents on your device.

    Method two – Transfer PowerPoint to iPad by using Apowersoft Phone Manager

    This program is comprehensive iOS devices management software, which is often used to transfer, backup, restore and manage different documents between iOS devices and PC. Especially for iPad users, they can make use of it to efficiently put PowerPoint documents to their iPad.

    • Download this app on PC from below and then open it.
    • Connect your iPad with computer and this program will automatically connect itself with iPad.
    • Click “App” tab from the top navigation list and then hit on “App files” button where you can find the PPT-supporting app, like PowerPoint.
    • Double click “PowerPoint” and choose “Import” button to add your PPT documents to your device.
    • Once completed, tap on “Disconnect” button to disconnect iPad with PC.

    This Phone Manager also excels at managing other files like songs, movies, photos, contacts, messages, apps and so forth. With it, it is very easy to make one-stop management for your iOS devices.

    Comparison: iTunes is a good way to move your documents to iPad, but as you can see from above description, it is not that handy due to its complicated transferring process. By comparison, Apowersoft Phone Manager is more user-friendly. Just a few steps, you will know how to put PowerPoint on iPad.

    Is it possible to transfer PPT to iPad?

    Yes, you can! Just connect your iPad to iTunes on computer and then, select the files that you’d like to sync. Click the name of the folder and choose “Sync” and “Apply”.

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