• How can I Transfer Photos from SD Card to iPad

    How can I Transfer Photos from SD Card to iPad

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    I have stored many precious photos on a SD card. Now I want to view these photos on my newly-bought iPad. The problem is how I can move these photos from external SD Card to iPad. I have tried many ways but failed. Does anyone know some good solutions?

    How can I Transfer Photos from SD Card to iPad
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    Thank you for your inquiry. I am glad to tell you there is a good approach for you. In order to make it clear, I make a conclusion of the following information to address your question.

    SD Card is a good place to keep different photos and its mass storage lets you store as many photos as your like without worry about using up its space. iPad is a good displayer when you need to enjoy your photos. However, iPad does not allow directly inserting a SD Card in it. In order to well transfer your photos from external SD card to an iPad, you need the following tool to help you.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager – a perfect way to move your photos on Android SD card to iPad

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is comprehensive mobile management software, which is completely compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to transfer and manage mobile or tablet data like photos, movies, text messages, contacts, call logs and apps on computer. It also receives big fame for its utility to import photos from SD card to iPad. With it, you can easily move your beloved pictures to iPad at a quick speed.

    • Download this photo transfer tool from below and then install it on your computer.
    • Connect your Android phone and iPad to PC by using USB cable. Luckily, this phone manager is able to connect two or more devices at the same time.
    • Once connected, go to “Files” column where you will find the SD Card.
    • In the SD card, find out the “Pictures” folder in which you can view all your photos. Choose those photos you want to transfer and then click “Export” button. Just a few seconds, you can transfer photos from SD Card to PC.
    • Next click “Pictures” column, choose “Import” button and then you can transfer pictures from PC to your iPad.
    • Disconnect both your Android and iPad from computer by hitting “Disconnect” button after completion.

    In addition to its powerful transfer function, you can also use this phone manager to manage your SD Card and iPad. For example, if you want to delete some useless files, you can click the “Delete” button to free up more space for your SD card and iPad. If you want to backup some important files on your PC, you can also choose “Backup” button to back up your files.

    Of course, there are many other methods on how to transfer pictures from SD card to iPad. When compared with those solutions, Apowersoft Phone Manager is believed to be the best one because of its safety and efficiency.

    In order to make it more swift to move photos from SD card to computer and then you move them to iPad, here in this post will supplement you another good program for your easy operation.

    AirMore – Photo transfer between Android and computer

    AirMore is a professional mobile device management program on web, which enables you to wirelessly transfer files between your Android phones and PC. You can wirelessly transfer photos from Android device to computer by using it.

    • Find AirMore on Google Play and then download it on Android device.
    • After connecting your Android phone to AirMore web, hit on “Scan to connect” and scan the QR code on the AirMore web. Choose “accept” button when a connection notification box pops up on your handset. Make sure your device and computer are under the same WiFi network.
    • Once connected, click “Pictures” column where you can view all the photos saved on your phone. Next click “Download” button to transfer pictures from SD card to PC. Then you can easily move these photos to other devices.

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