• Any solutions to transfer iPhone podcasts to PC

    Any solutions to transfer iPhone podcasts to PC

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    Hi, can you help me out? I want to transfer some of the podcasts in my iPhone to my personal computer. What should I do? Do you have any solutions?

    Any solutions to transfer iPhone podcasts to PC
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    Hi. Nowadays, Podcasts is a very popular application among iPhone users, for there are tons of free and fascinating audio and videos in it such as TED Talks, NBC Nightly News, StarTalk Radio and so on. One can download them in his or her iPhone and enjoy them anywhere or anytime. However, the memory of phone device is limited after all. People would like to save them in the computer which has larger storage space. Besides, watching videos on PC has much greater visual effect than playing them in iPhone. Given this, many people wonder how to transfer podcasts from iPhone to computer. Here, I am glad to share with you two convenient ways to do it.

    Way 1: Transfer podcasts by using Apowersoft Phone Manager

    This powerful and professional software called Apowersoft Phone Manager can realize podcasts transferring process easily. You only need to follow the next simple steps:

    • Step 1: Download and install the Phone Manager in your computer. After launching this app, connect your iPhone to PC by using the USB dock cable. Press “Trust” when a dialog pops up in your phone.
    • Step 2: Find the “Videos” icon on the top of the interface and click it. On the left side, you can see the “Podcasts” column where all your downloaded audio and video podcasts store.
    • Step 3: Pick the podcasts you want to transfer and click “Export” button above. Choose an export folder and press “OK”. Within seconds, all your podcasts will be transferred into PC.

    Here is a video that teaches you how to carry out these steps hand in hand.

    Besides being able to transfer podcasts from iPhone to computer conveniently, this powerful program can do much more:

    • a. Any data, including music, pictures, videos, contacts, apps and memos, in your phone device can be managed and transferred.
    • b. In case you may lose the important files in your phone, you can backup them on PC easily.
    • c. If you get a new phone, you can restore these files in it with one click.
    • d. You can also display your phone screen on PC in real time and take screenshots at any time you want.
    • e. Other functions like previewing pictures, adding new contacts, sending messages make this app more comprehensive and professional.

    Way 2: Transfer podcasts by using iTunes

    iTunes is the most conventional and popular tool that Apple users adopt to transfer iPhone podcasts to PC. Once you authorize your personal computer to access your iTunes Store account, you can download iPhone media in PC freely. Below are the steps to transfer podcasts by using iTunes.

    • Step 1: Run iTunes. Choose the “Store” menu and press “Authorize This Computer”. A login prompt will pop up.
    • Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and Password and click “Authorize”.
    • Step 3: Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.
    • Step 4: Select “File” menu. Under “Devices” column, choose “Transfer Purchases from iPhone”. Then all the media will be transferred into a folder under iTunes Media folder.

    Comparing Apowersoft Phone Manager with iTunes

    As you can see, these two solutions on how to transfer podcasts from iPhone to PC are both feasible. And in order to help you choose which one is more suitable for you, I will compare Apowersoft Phone Manager with iTunes:

    For the disadvantages of iTunes:

    • Apple ID and Password are a must. If you happen to forget them, you cannot use it.
    • There are a few more steps and more complicated process by using it than using Apowersoft Phone Manager.
    • You cannot manually choose which folder you want to store the media in.
    • You cannot select which audio and videos you will transfer. It will automatically transfer all the media in your iPhone to the computer.

    For the disadvantages of Apowersoft Phone Manager:

    • It is a third-party program, so you need to download and install it first before you make use of it.
    • Compared with iTunes, this software may be a little unfamiliar for iPhone users.

    In your case where you just want to transfer some of the podcasts in your iPhone, I suggest you should try the first method. Hope what I write can solve your problem. Have a nice day! :D

    Any solutions to transfer iPhone podcasts to PC

    To protect files from loss, a best way is to alwasy backup your iPhone files to computer or to iTunes. However, it is not very convenient to transfer podcast from iPhone to computer (PC or Mac) unless we hire a iPhone Transfer, a useful program.

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      • sherrychurchill : Yeah, iTunes is a good tool to transfer podcast from iPhone to PC as well as other media files. But it maybe slow in transferring lots of data.
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    Any solutions to transfer iPhone podcasts to PC

    I have found some ways to transfer podcasts from iPhone to PC. Here is a way of iTunes:
    1.) Connect your iPhone to PC.
    2.) Click “iPhone” icon .
    3.) Choose the file you tend to sync, like “Podcast”.
    4.) Click “Sync” and “Apply” so that you can transfer your iPhone podcast to PC practically.

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