• Can I Transfer Bookmarks from iPhone to Android

    Can I Transfer Bookmarks from iPhone to Android

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    I often browse webs on my iPhone and I have saved hundreds of bookmarks on my phones for later retrieval. Recently I have just changed my iPhone to Android. Is it possible for me to move my iPhone bookmarks to the new Android, so that I can easily surf my favorite websites just like before? Wait for your solution. :?:

    Can I Transfer Bookmarks from iPhone to Android
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    Hello, Charles. Thank you for your question. Don’t worry about your bookmark issue. I used to experience the same situation, then someone recommended me to use the following bookmark management software to transfer bookmarks.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is known as one of the best mobile management apps available on the current market. It excels at managing bookmarks. Using this tool to transfer bookmarks is efficient and safe, because this phone manager is fully compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the disclosure of other information. Now read the guide below to learn how to transfer bookmarks from iPhone to Android.

    Watch this demo for quick a grasp.

    • Download this phone transfer program from below and install it on your computer.
    • Connect your iPhone to computer by using USB cable and click “Trust” button when a dialog pops up on your iPhone.

    • Tap on “Notes” icon after you enter the main interface and then click “Bookmarks” on the left side.
    • Choose the bookmarks you want to transfer and click “Export” button to transfer your iPhone bookmarks to computer.
    • Next connect your Android phone to computer. You can either connect it through USB cable or WiFi.

    • Once connected, go to “Notes“ and then choose “Import” button to transfer iPhone bookmarks to Android.
    • Disconnect your phones from PC by clicking “Disconnect” button when you finish transferring.

    Supplement:This tool also can add new bookmarks, delete useless bookmarks or even edit the bookmarks. If you need to transfer other data such as pictures, songs, videos, messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, call logs or wallpapers to PC or other devices, this Phone manager will exactly satisfy your demand.

    Alternative way – iTunes

    Another way on how to transfer bookmarks from iPhone to Android is through iTunes. The prerequisite is that you’re using Safari as your iPhone default web browser. Firstly, you need to sync your iPhone bookmarks with Safari and then export them in the form of HTML by using iTunes. After that, import the HTML file to Firefox or Google Chrome on PC. Finally, you can sync transfer these bookmarks to your Android phone. Be patient to read the following information for the specific guidance, as it is roundabout and long-winded to transfer bookmarks with iTunes .

    • Connect iPhone to PC through a USB cable.

    • Run iTunes and go to your phone’s summary page.

    • Find “Info” tab and scroll down to find “Other” section where you need to choose “Sync bookmarks with Safari” .
    • Click “Apply” and choose “Merge” to mix your iPhone bookmarks with Safari browser on your computer.

    • Open your Safari on PC and locate “File” on the menu bar where you need to hit on “Export Bookmarks” to save bookmarks on your computer.

    • Import those HTML file to Google Chrome or Firefox on your computer, after which you can sync the bookmarks to your Android device.

    There are many ways you can use to transfer bookmarks from iPhone to Android. If you want to save time and energy, I believe it is a wise choice to adopt Apowersoft Phone Manager to conduct this task.

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