• tracks won’t play on WMP

    tracks won’t play on WMP

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    I recorded music from several streaming sites to play at work because we can no longer listen to online streaming music. I can listen to them one at a time on windows media player on my own computer, but I can’t get them to play in a playlist or even be recognized by windows media player at work. When I start them, the little blue light at the bottom moves as if they are playing, but no audio can be heard. Right now I have all of this music that I can’t use. Any help? Thanks!

    tracks won’t play on WMP
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    Thank you for you trusts! According to your description, it may result from the following situations:

    One is that there is something wrong with the Windows Media Player. So please check whether the Windows Media Player is mute or not. If you press the mute bottom unconsciously, then press the bottom again to recover the audio volume. If not, you can try to turn up the volume to examine the results.

    In case the Windows Media Player is normal to use, then the recorded audio files may have some problems. You can try to play other audios on your laptop to see that you can hear the sound or not. If there is still no sound, please go over that the computer is set as “silent” or not. Try to turn up the volume to see whether it is workable. Or it also possible that there is an error in settings of the default sound output device. You can right click the sound icon in the lower right corner. And then choose “Playback devices” to configure the correct options.

    If you have checked all these things out, but it still cannot work. Please send the recorded audio files to our email address: support@apowersoft.com. We will test them and find out the problems for you. Thanks!

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