• [Tips] Situations Face ID Cannot Work
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    [Tips] Situations Face ID Cannot Work

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    iPhone X has been released for weeks, and we all know its awesome Face ID. But here are some situations iPhone X’s Face ID cannot work. Remember and avoid the situations below while using your new iPhone X?

    1. The phone is just turned on or restarted.

    2. The phone hasn’t been unlocked for over 48 hours.

    3. The key hasn’t been used for unlocking the phone in the last 156 hours(6.5 days) and you didn’t initiate Face ID in the last 4 hours.

    4. The phone has received a remote lock command.

    5. Face ID fails to recognize for 5 times.

    6. Initiate Emergency SOS services (press and hold volume button and side button simultaneously for 2 secs)

    7. The battery is lower than 10%.

    Above are the situations that offered by Apple Inc. What’s more, when you wear a mask, you cannot get recognized by iPhone X.

    But don’t worry about make up, wearing too many clothes, or wearing glasses, Face ID is still strong enough to recognize that. However, it doesn’t work well in distinguishing the twins.

    Hence, when you get your iPhone X, use it frequently so it will work well. And charge the phone when the battery is running.

    I didn’t get an iPhone X yet, if any one in this community has got, welcome to tell me how you like your phone.?

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