• The Video is always behind
    Ali Murteza Qurbani
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    The Video is always behind

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    Why the Audio is always ahead or behind the recording?4

    The Video is always behind
    Alice Wang
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    Hi, we have studied your video-audio sync problem, and the following suggestions might help.

    1. For the desktop screen recorder:

    Try to enable accessible mode and use “Performance Priority” mode to do the recording. To know how to enable the accessible mode, please go to “Settings” -> “Options” -> “Recording” -> “Advanced video settings”, then you can check the “Enable accessible mode” box and select “Performance Priority”.

    Or you can use the built-in Video Editor to adjust the audio sync after recording. To do it, you just need to right-click and open the video in video editor, then click “Edit” -> “Adjust”, then adjust the synchronize.

    2. For the online screen recorder:

    You can go to the settings and click “Recording”. After that, you can change the “Balance” mode in “Video settings” to “Performance Priority” before recording. 


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