• The Changelog of Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder
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    The Changelog of Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder

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    In attempt to better meet users’ demand of audio recording on Mac PC, we take sustained efforts to update Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder irregularly based on users’ feedbacks and needs. Generally, these updates bring with numerous bugs fix and improvements. If any of you have suggestions on the improvements of this audio recorder, you can post it here.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v2.4.5 Released (03/29/2017) New

    • Optimizes the registration and activation process.
    • Other bugs fixed.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v2.4.1 Released (10/28/2016) 

      • Optimized the adjustment of volume.
      • Add “Add to iTunes” function.

    add to itunes

    • Add “Repeat Recording” function in schedule task.
    • Optimized schedule task time bar.
    • Minor bugs fixed.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v2.3.6 Released (03/04/2016) 

    • Optimized the virtual sound card
    • Enables users to check recording status in “Library” while audio recording
    • Improved Japanese translation
    • Minor bug fixed

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v2.2.0 Released (09/19/2015) 

    • Improved the stability when recording long audio.
    • Added auto-update notification and feedback function.
    • Enhanced the ID3 identifier.
    • Various bugs fixed.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v2.0 Released (02/13/2015)

    • Added powerful “Audio Converter”.
    • Support to convert audio between different formats such as: MP3, M4A, M4R, FLAC, OGG, WAV and ect. It also enables to convert MP4, MOV, FLV and other video formats to audio formats.
    • Support to batch audio conversion at high speed.
    • Merge files into one seamlessly.

    • Minor bugs fixed.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v1.4.0 Released (02/04/2015)

    • Added inlaid “Audio Editor”.
    • Support to edit MP3, M4A, WAV and other audio files.
    • Support to import audio in three modes: right click the file in “Library” to import, utilize “Import audio” on editor interface, drag audio to editor directly.
    • Cut audio file. It enables you to select a specific part, or select multiple parts for cutting.

    • Support to set time and duration in various ways: hit corresponding button on interface, press “Up” and “Down” keys on keyboard, type to input the time manually.
    • Support to export audio to MP3, M4A, WMA, FLAC, OGG and etc.
    • It enables to export audio in two modes after cutting: merge and export to one file, export multiple audio files.
    • Support to add ID3 info for edited audio files.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v1.3.0 Released (11/15/2014)

    • ID3 Tag Identifier is improved: speed is faster, result of identification is more accurate and operating environment is more stable.
    • Add function keys under the playlist, which makes it more convenient to do other operations.

    • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v1.2.3 Released (09/05/2013)

    • Optimize the translation of multilingual interface.
    • Fixed a few bugs.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v1.2.0 Released (08/13/2013)

    • Check for updates automatically and inform the users about available updates.
    • Support to record both system sound and microphone in schedule tasks.

    • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v1.1.1 Released (06/28/2013)

    • Add “Automatically identify ID3 tags after recording completed” to settings.

    • Minimize the size of installation package to 2.7M.
    • Fixed a few bugs.

    Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder v1.1.0 Released (06/18/2013)

    • Automatically identify audio track information is added.
    • Support to save recording in mp3 High quality and mp3 standard quality.

    • Fixed some minor bugs.
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