• The Changelog of ApowerEdit
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    The Changelog of ApowerEdit

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    Please update to the latest version to get the best features and performance improvements.



    ApowerEdit V1.5.10(Build 7/4/2020) New

    1. Add the function of batch modifying text
    2. Add vocal enhancement function
    3. Add custom background image and color
    4. Add more sound options for speech to text
    5. Add two new fonts
    6. Optimize the clarity of preview image quality
    7. Fixpoint time can be edited
    8. Optimize the use of 4k on devices with less than 4G memory
    9. Add the Korean language
    10. Fix some bugs


    ApowerEdit V1.5.7(Build 15/2/2020) 

    1. Set High-quality Export as VIP function
    2. Add a new entrance to record micro-lessons to optimize the recording process of micro-lessons
    3. Set Noise Reduction as VIP function
    4. Optimize video track
    5. Add text transparency
    6. Fix some bugs


    ApowerEdit V1.5.6 (Build 9/1/2020)

    1. Built-in screen recording function
    2. Add non-VIP restriction on voice to text intermutation
    3. Add a third text track
    4. Add mobile phone import entrance
    5. Add scroll wheel zoom track interaction
    6. Add New Year animation title
    7. Fix other bugs.


    ApowerEdit V1.5.5(Build 27/12/2019)

    1. Toning function optimization
    2. Increase the number of materials to limit the pop-up box
    3. Add background color setting
    4. Other UI optimizations and bug fixes


    ApowerEdit V1.5.4 (Build 6/11/2019)

    1. Add cloud material
    2. Add Speech to Text
    3. Add custom text template
    4. Fix some bugs


    ApowerEdit V1.5.3 (Build 16/10/2019)

    1. Add music library
    2. Optimized the interaction between voice and text
    3. Subtitle filter classification
    4. Add transitions
    5. Fix some bugs


    ApowerEdit V1.4.4 (Build 12/07/2018) 

    1. Added the guide for first-time users.

    2. Added, “apply a single transition to all”.

    3. Optimized and fixed other problems.

    4. Fixed the bug of applying transition.


    ApowerEdit V1.4.3(Build 11/22/2018)

    1. Fixed the bugs of importing, crashing, and exporting.

    2. Supports adding media files to tracks with one click.

    3. Supports exporting as GIF.

    4. Added 9:16 (TikTok), 1:1 (Instagram), and 3:4 (Taobao) aspect ratios.

    5. Added the function of the freezing frame.

    6. Supports adding random transitions to video.

    7. Can save the project file every 5 minutes.

    8. Other bugs fixed.


    ApowerEdit V1.3.2

    1. Fixes some crash problems.

    2. Optimizes the support of 4K videos.

    3. Optimizes the support of .mpg format.

    4. Fixes other bugs.


    ApowerEdit V1.2.6 (Build 05/31/2018)

    1. Supports importing MTS files.

    2. Adds eight dynamic and beautiful overlays.

    3. Supports two PIP, Text, Music, Filters, and Overlays tracks.

    4. Fixes the transition problem.

    5. Fixes some crash problems.

    6. Fixes other bugs.


    ApowerEdit V1.2.4 (Build  05/09/2018)

    1. Supports using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to copy, paste files on the timeline.

    2. Adds real audio line.

    3. Adopts brand new mask.

    4. Optimizes the support for 4K video.

    5. Changes the default size of PIP video

    6. Other bug fixes and improvements.


    ApowerEdit V1.2.3 (Build  04/26/2018)

    1. Adds animated intro subtitles.

    2. Adds thumbnail display for the nodes of video on the track.

    3. Supports splitting video using Ctrl+B.

    4. Supports switching the previous and next frames using left and right keys

    5. Supports opening video with default aspect ratio.

    6. Supports exporting video with default parameters.

    7. Adds video tutorial.


    ApowerEdit V1.2.1 (Build  12/04/2017) 

    1. Improves compatibility and stability.

    2. Other bug fixes and improvements.


    ApowerEdit V1.1.9 (Build  08/22/2017)

    1. Enhances the feature of PIP.

    2. Supports downloading elements.

    3. Fixes the problem of failing to preview some files.


    ApowerEdit V1.1.8 (Build  07/03/2017) 

    1. Optimizes both preview and export features.

    2. Optimizes audio and video synchronizing function.

    3. Optimizes the performance. 

    4. Improves compatibility and stability.


    ApowerEdit V1.1.6 (Build  04/14/2017) 

    1. Optimizes the problem that audio and video are not synchronized.

    2. Supports saving the project automatically.

    3. Optimizes the visual effects.

    4. Other bug fixes and improvements.


    ApowerEdit V1.1.5 (Build  03/29/2017) 

    1. Optimizes the algorithm.

    2. Adds “Zoom” function.

    3. Optimizes the experience.


    ApowerEdit V1.1.4 (Build  03/03/2017) 

    1. Supports selecting files in Media Library and tracks by holding and dragging the left mouse button.

    2. Adds schedule when the video is exported (sound reminder/shut down computer).

    3. Fixes other bugs.

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