• The Changelog of Streaming Audio Recorder
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    The Changelog of Streaming Audio Recorder

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    We will continuously make our efforts to optimize Streaming Audio Recorder, as we strive to better serve users’ needs. Generally, the optimization of this audio recorder will be made by adding new features, fixing the potential bugs and modifying it based on users’ feedback. Thus, if you have any ideas or suggestions for further improvement of this product, you can send your feedback here.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V4.1.8 Released (03/23/2017) New

    • Add audio source in interface.
    • Optimize icon in library display.
    • Add new menu on top right corner of the interface.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V4.1.0 Released (04/11/2016) 

    • Added various of playback modes.
    • Added the volume controller which enabled users to adjust the volume when recording audio.

    control volume

    • Added the specific settings for customizing the bitrate when recording MP3 and OGG files.
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V4.0.9 Released (01/31/2016) 

    • Optimized audio editor function.
    • Added silence threshold settings.
    • Other bug fixes and optimization.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V4.0.4 Released (11/24/2015)

    • Added “CD Ripper” function.

    • Optimized the UI which enabled users to see dynamic effect when playing recorded audio.

    • Added Arabic interface.
    • Some bugs fixed

    Streaming Audio Recorder V4.0.1 Released (08/07/2015)

    • Added ID3 editor and ID3 identifier.

    • Added millisecond option in auto-split silence setting.
    • Minor bugs fixed.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V4.0 Released (07/31/2015) 

    • Optimized the user interface: upgraded to more intuitive and attractive UI.
    • Enhanced the ID3 identifier: automatically add music info faster and more accurate.
    • Enhanced the audio converter: added more output formats like MP2, M3A, AC3 and etc.

    • Added mutilanguage interface: more languages include Swedish, Polish, Danish, Hungarian and more have been added.
    • Various bugs fixed.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V 3.4.1 Released (10/06/2014 )

    • Automatically identify ID3 tags after recording.
    • Added powerful ID3 tags identifier: Support to batch recognize music files information.

    • Added “CD Ripper” function.
    • Optimized the “Audio Editor” function.
    • No need to install the Virtual Audio Driver.
    • Improved the “Video to MP3” function that enabled users to convert video to MP3 from more sites.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V 3.3.2 Released (11/18/2013 )

    • Merge into one file is added in Audio Converter.

    • Provide to select mp3 bitrate in CD Ripper.
    • Now you can resize/maximize all windows size to make them easier to read or fit the whole screen.
    • Optimized the search function.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V 3.3.0 Released (09/17/2013 )

    • CD Ripper is added.

    • Support to burn Data CD that is capable of storing as long as 8 hours of music.
    • Some optimization and modification have been done to Audio Editor.
    • Fixed various bugs.

    Streaming Audio Recorder V 3.0.0 Released (06/11/2013 )

    • Enhanced ID3 tag editor: Automatically identify ID3 tags after recording
    • Fixed various bugs

    Streaming Audio Recorder V 2.7.0 Released( 11/20/2012 )

    • Added support to download videos to MP3 format from YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe and many other video streaming websites

    • Directly delete music from hard disk on the software interface
    • Upgrade music search resource and add HD music prompt
    • Greatly improved the conversion speed
    • Provide Portuguese user-interface
    • Minor bugs fixed

    Streaming Audio Recorder V 2.0.0 Released (8/17/2012 )

    • Enhanced music player: Add volume controls, more audio formats are supported for playing such as mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg, flac, ac3, aac, oga, wav, pcm etc.
    • Minor bugs fixed
    • Added Live Radio Broadcasting feature

    • Optimized music search engine and newly added Audition function
    • Provide more keyboard shortcuts
    • Right-click to rename, convert, burn your recorded audio items and more
    • Add music you recorded into iTunes directly
    • Auto split audio in certain time by your choice
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