• technical issue

    technical issue

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    i have been using your online free screen recorder from last 2 months but since 2 days i have been facing an issue while recording when i am clicking the start button the application isn’t launching and i have also installed the launcher for the application so plz help me with this ….urgent


    technical issue
    Alice Wang
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    Dear User,

    So sorry for the issue! 

    Please kindly follow the steps below to solve this problem:

    – First, search “%appdata%” in My computer/My PC, then, delete the whole file of Apowersoft Online Launcher (It may under the file of Apowersoft)


    – Then, clear the cache of your browser and refresh the page of online screen recorder, making sure that you have ended the process of the previous online launcher in the PC’s task manager.

    – Click “Start recording”, download and install the Apowersoft online launcher again and launch the program. It should be fine by then.

    – However, if the steps above doesn’t work, please follow step 1 & step 2 first, then, use the link below to download the online launcher directly. 

    desktop version

    Thank you for your support and understanding!

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