• How to take Sims 4 screenshots

    How to take Sims 4 screenshots

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    Hi, guys,I have downloaded Sims 4 recently which made me eager for so long. My friends and I do love this game, once there’s an amusing moment occurs, we will capture it immediately, however, I got the problem of taking the game screenshots. I have tried to press PrtScn button, but the image quality is disappointing. so I wonder if there’re any good tools available for me to make Sims 4 screenshots? ps. I’m running Windows 7. I will be grateful if you can help me. Thanks in advance.

    How to take Sims 4 screenshots
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    In Sims world, all the gamers are allowed to create the Sims with distinct appearances and construct dreamy castles and cozy cabins. It would be terrific to post your Sims 4 screenshots on your Facebook and Twitter. I’d like to suggest three cool methods to capture your game screen.

    Method 1: Sims built-in screenshot tool

    Sims is equipped with built-in screenshot tool which enables all the players to capture the game scene instantly. Once you have seen an appealing scene, you can press “C” (default hotkey) to capture the amusing moment. You can also customize the default hotkeys in the control panel of the game.

    However, some players always complain about that button “C” doesn’t work to take Sims screenshots in Sims creating mode. So the players have to press “PrtScn” button to make screenshots. What’s worse, the images taken in this way would be in poor quality, if the video cards are not so good. Maybe you could seek help from the following two methods.

    Method 2: Apowersoft Free Screen Capture

    Apowersoft Free Screen Capture is a powerful tool for capturing the screen images in high quality. Besides, it supports screenshots editor and social network uploader. Plus, it provides free cloud storage service which could save the screenshot you uploaded. In this way, you can share the image by sending the link to friends and also use password to protect it from being viewed by others. If you want to try this application, you can follow the steps below :

    Step 1: Go to the website of Apowersoft Free Screen Capture then click the button of “Launch Application”. The program would be activated after loading.

    Step 2: Customize the hotkeys in setting if you are not used to default hotkeys (“PrtScn” button).

    Step3: Resume to the game and press the hotkey to capture the scene you like.

    Step4: Once the region is selected, you will be given the control bar where you can highlight the images and add some annotations with the editing options.

    Step5: Press disc icon on the control bar to save the screenshot in your hard drive.

    Apart from taking Sims or Sim city screenshots, Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is also available in taking other games screenshot. Comparing with free version, its superiorities lie in supporting various capturing modes, capture scheduler and advanced editor. You can download it by clicking the button below.

    Method 3: Screen Capturer

    Screen Capturer is also a good application for taking screenshots. You can use it to capture the Sims 4 screenshots in full screen or any desired area to your local file or email to others. The operation steps are very easy, you can do like this:

    Firstly, you should download and install it in your computer. Secondly, choose the capture mode – “Full-screen”, “Current-window”, “Windows” or “Region” then go back to game. Lastly, press the hotkeys to take screenshots in game. Plus, you can customize the hotkeys based on your preference if you need.


    All of above methods suggested in this post can help you take Sims 4 screenshots successfully. The second method may be more suitable for those people who needs to edit the images or share to social networks instantly. Wishing it could help you to share your Sims life and happiness with your friends at first time!

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