• Streaming Video Recording on Schedule

    Streaming Video Recording on Schedule

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    Just tried your software Streaming Video Recorder and absolutely loved it, especially the feature that allows the software to continue recording the streaming video even when the browser window is closed.
    I feel the software is ages ahead of the competition in terms of the features, clarity of downloads and the ability to capture multiple stream types even the encoded and ActiveX streams.

    One question though:

    This link on your website /streaming-media-recorder.html says that the downloads of streaming videos can be scheduled. However, I am not able to find any option to schedule a download of streaming media from a link automatically captured/ detected by the software.

    Is it possible to schedule the downloads at a pre-determined time, rather than the download starting automatically? I mean I could point the software to a site/ link and tell it when to start/ stop recording. Even better would be to be able to give it multiple time-slots for downloading, starting and stopping downloads from multiple sites, once it has been able to capture the streams after starting up initially.

    Would be wonderful and we can go on with our lives without being tied down due to TV Schedules.



    Streaming Video Recording on Schedule
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    Streaming Video Recording on Schedule
    Ada Reed
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    Hey Guys! Please be noted that we now have a new professional screen recording program called ApowerREC, which is available on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. It has varied recording modes such as task recording, zoom recording, spotlight recording, video editing, video compressing and so many more.

    Please kindly use the link below to download the latest version of the program and try it out!

    Download ApowerREC

    Here is the guide for ApowerREC. And thank you very much for the support and understanding!


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